Elite Research Conference 2016

Tuesday, February 25th

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of Elite Research Conference 2016 (EliteForsk-konferencen 2016) at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen.

Elite Research Conference / EliteForsk Konference 
Every year the Elite Research award given to five Danish outstanding scientists are honored by the Danish Education- and Research Minister. The award is created to improve the awareness of research in Denmark and what important work scientists do. Read more here

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Finally, she's back! -again. I have really missed writing posts for the last couple of weeks. That one about the churches was for you to have something to read while we were waiting. By the way, I hope you enjoy it. If you missed it, you find it here. After their vacation in December we haven't really seen her that much, well for one week we saw her almost every day but that seems to be long ago. Usually the family are also going on a vacation to Verbiér but not this year. No one knows why. So I have really been looking forward to see her again and then of course be able to share it all with you in a post. How have you been all this time? I hope you are all good.

It has become more or less a tradition for Mary to attend the presentation of the Elite Research Conference and again this year she was the guest of honor to hand over prizes to some of the best scientists in Denmark who have contributed in an unrivaled way with their research. Around noon she arrived to Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in the center of Copenhagen in a excellent mood, with a smile all over her face. Lovely to see her smile in the news again! She was welcomed by Research Minister Esben Lunde Larsen, who as Mary was a guest of honor at the conference. Esben Lunde Larsen accompanied Mary on the stage when the prizes were handed over to the lucky winners. Serveral speeches were held and presentations recent research which was followed closely by the everyone in the room including Mary. I'm sure if Mary gave a speech as well but the Research Minister did and he pointed out who important it is these young scientists are celebrated because of their incredible talent.  "It is the Government's ambition that Danish research will belong to the international elite" -Esben Lunde Larsen, with these words he pointed out that Danish scientists can and will be as good as the international scientists we have around the world. Each of the five prize winners were given DKK 1,2 million; DKK 200,000 as a personal award and the rest goes to their research activities. These five winners are:

  • David Dreyer Lassen, Professor of political economy at the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen
  • Peter Lodahl, Professor of physics at the Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University
  • Liv Hornekær, Associate professor of physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Aarhus University
  • Petar Popovski, Professor of communications at the Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University
  • Mette Rams Thomsen, Professor of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

I really want to wish all of them good luck with each and everyone of their present-and future projects and of course I also want to congratulate them all. In addition, twenty talented PhD students were given the Elite Research Travel Grants (EliteForsk Rejsestependier) of DKK 200,000. A couple group photos were taken of all winners with Mary standing in the middle shining like a start as all the others. I'm sure this is a memorable day. After the presentations a glass of wine or water was served and Mary stayed for a long time to chat with both winners and other participants.

Actually I had no idea what to expect of her look. Previous years she has worn darker colours of course of season and cold weather. Last year she appeared in, what I tend to call sexy, black leather dress so she could choose anything to wear. No leather dress, but I was thrilled to see her navy blue Elise Gug (Autumn/Winter 2014) suit again! Feels like a million years since we have seen it, thought it's only two years ago when she attended the Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls for Sustainable Develupment in the ECE Region in Geneva. Like last time she accessorized her outfit with a remarkable brooch, not the same, but a golden brooch I have been waiting to see again. It is told to be made by Marianne Dulong, still I have no proof if it is correct. Just what I have heard. What I'm aware of, she wore it back in 2011 when she with Frederik and the twins visited Australia on an official visit. Sorry, but this was really the best photo I could find. As you see she wore the same white pearl earrings yesterday as in 2011, from the same designer. When we are talking about jewellery it's worth mentioning the golden Georg Jensen bracelet and two (out of three) diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard. All three very talented jewellery designers we can be so proud of in Denmark and for Mary to represent them, well I do not think you can get a better spokeswoman to show off ones creations. At the arrival she showed of a brand new scarf, in almost the exact same colour as her suit, featuring large black dots and tassels. So far I have not been able to find it but I'm pretty sure about one thing; she has a similar scarf in white/grey -which I can't find as well. Now I hope to get your help. Do you by any chance remember that scarf I refer to or did you actually manage to find this new piece? I love how the scarf matched everything else. With a little help from Kate I'm able to share with you that she wore a pair of new Gianvito Rossi pumps as well. It's amazing what that woman can find. These "powder pink" pointed pumps are simply magnificent. Elegant, feminine and super classy at the same time. Some say that Christian Louboutin is the best shoe designer we have, but seriously have you seen Gianvito Rossi's designs?! They make me breathless... I think his shoes have everything a woman's shoe must have; style, elegancy and shape. To completely a almost spotless outfits, she wore her Naledi Copenhagen clutch. This model is a little bigger in size then the one we are use to see her wear but it's beautiful. I love how she matched dark and fair colours, it makes both colours 'pop out'. A great trick to remember when you choose your next outfit. 

Remember, on February 28th to March 3rd Frederik and Mary are going on an official business promotion visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Suit: Elise Gug Navy Blue Suit
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Torun Cuff in 18k Rose Gold DKK 27.300
Rings: Ole Lynggard Love Bands in White Gold DKK 19.900
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen Allana Latte Beige Ostrich Clutch DKK 5.969
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Pink Gianvito Rossi Leather Pumps €422

Possible ID's
Brooch: Marianne Dulong

Tip! Take a look at Royals & Fashion's fashion update on Mary's clothes. I've been so lucky to collaborate with the blogs sweet owner on improving the section. 

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