Conference on Rights and Health

Tuesday, February 4th

Crown Princess Mary participated in the conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Crises at Christiansborg Castle.

There is no doubt that girls and women's rights and well-being is close to Mary's heart. The last few years she has spend endless hours in participating in international and national conference on this subject, visited the countries where the topic about rights and reproductive health are on the agenda and heard countless stories from girls and women who more or less have been deprived of their rights. She is eloquent and well be taken deeply serous when she participates in various events. she has been a keynote speaker at several conferences worldwide and despite her as a royal she is not allowed to speak about politics, many of ´the same issues she is dealing with is the same as the politicians. There it is important that she always finds a balance in how she speaks out in public. Until today, she has only managed to generate positive attention on the subject on the right of girls and women's rights. Her commitment is also noticed on the international state because of her tireless work trying to make a difference. The last she attended to make her opinion clear was when she participated in the conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Crises. In the afternoon she arrived to Christiansborg Castle, wherein one half that also function as the Danish Parliament. Mary was introduced by Deputy Secretary General in Sex og Samfund Tania Dethlefsen, who emphasized how thoughtful Mary is because she things about the different aspects of the problem and how important her commitment is. When Mary gave her speech, which by the way was one of the first of many, she had everybody's attention. Do yourself a favor and read her opening statement here. I'm sure you will find it interesting. Her speeches are always very precise and summarizes all the important statements of why they are gathered. It is not only Mary who has great interest in helping. According to several medias, waiting lists were created for those who would like to participate in the conference that was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Parliamentary All-Party Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Sex og Samfund.

Mary was dressed very appropriate at her attendance in the conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Humanitarian Crises at Christiansborg Castle. Unfortunately, not many photos of her are published but I happened to watch a short interview from the event, when she was leaving to return to Amalienborg. What we all see is, her wearing a black blazer and a white blouse that features a collar. Have we seen this before? It reminds be a lot of her new one from Hugo Boss, worn on February 2nd when she received a donation to the Maternity Foundation from Inner Wheel. Both these blouses feature a similar collar. The stunning golden earrings with the large white pearl is from Marianne Dulong, a pair of earrings we have seen multiple times at all kind go occasions throughout the years. What I noticed in the interview was that she wore her BOSS by Hugo Boss pencil skirt with a black and white print. I seem to remember it was the black SAND Copenhagen pumps she was wearing, well of course to match the rest of the outfit. I know she accessorized her look with a bag as well but I simply can't recall which one. Do you happen to know that? Again, Mary had chosen the red nail polish. I could not resist the temptation to wear it myself. A perfect business outfit with a modern twist of prints and the feminine red nail polish.

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Skirt: BOSS by Hugo Boss Vilina pencil skirt £270
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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