Women's Board Award 2016

Friday, January 29th

Crown Princess Mary attended the presentation of the Women's Board Award 2016 ceremony in DeloitteHuset, Copenhagen.

About the Women's Board Award 
In 2010 the Norwegian Board organization launched the Gabrielsen Award. The award focuses on skills, not gender. Ever since the award has been presented in Norway. There has been great interest to make something similar in the other Nordic countries and in 2014 the Women's Board Award was launched in Denmark with the same purpose as the Norwegian. In Sweden a similar award is also presented. One of the purposes, they want to achieve with the award is: "Reversing negative attention from sex and gender to positively focus on skills, resources and results in boards". Read more here

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According to all the private photos that was shared I believe Mary was quite popular when she attended the Women Deliver committee reception on January 28th. Because of her status of Crown Princess of Denmark she needs to keep a low profile she attending meetings etc. which could be political, because in Denmark the royal family members can't express themselves politically. By involving herself  in the discussion on girls and women's rights to health and reproductive rights, she has already about to move into areas where she should be careful on how she express her opinions publicly. Of course it's not quite the same when she is handing over an award, it's a part of her royal duties. This is a great way for her to support what she is fighting for: gender equality. It is the third time the Women's Board Award is presented in Denmark when it was launched back in 2014 inspired by the Norwegian Gabrielsen Award that focuses on skills and not gender. The 200 invited representative were welcomed by the two former winners CEO in KMD Eva Berneke (2014) and CEO at TV2 Merete Eldrup (2015) who gave each their speech. Merete Eldrup was given the Women's Board Award 2015 by Mary. In both Danish and English Mary entered the stage and gave a speech to justify why the jury had chosen to give the prestigious Women's Board Award 2016 to CEO of Lundbeck Foundation Lene Skole and pointed out how important it is that the female leader of Denmark can be an inspiration to other women in the business community. With her appearance and commitment Mary is the perfect role model for women worldwide.

I expressed myself a little negative about her outfits from when she attended the New Year reception with the Women Deliver committee but yesterday's outfit, well who does not simply love that?! Her appearance in the grey tweed dress at the award ceremony is gorgeous. The dress features a beautiful white collar and black belt. She wore it the first time with powder pink t-strap pumps on the second day in the Netherlands when she attended The Global Network of Women's Shelters' Conference in November 2015. At that time it was told to be from Miu Miu in an article from Daily Mail who reported that actress Léa Seydoux wore the dress at an event in China associated to her role in the new James Bond movie. Now, Daily Mail is the only media to claim that the dress is from Miu Miu because Léa Seydoux wore clothes from Prada and Miu Miu in the context of the new movie in which she plays a significant role. With the help from Heaven it has been found at Prada. A big thanks to you! I love the dress as much as the first time she wore it! So classy and edgy at the same time. You may also remember that I wasn't really fond of her new bicolor Prada shoes worn earlier this month but now, matched with with her tweed dress, I really like them. The light grey and burgundy just looks great together. Why didn't she do this right away? No one like Mary is able to wear this hairstyle as beautiful. I think every time we see her with loose hair, it looks like it's the first time and I'm as thrilled as if it was. She accessorized her outfit with a pair of Hartmann's diamond earrings and one of her bracelets from Marianne Dulong. Not to forget, the stunning burgundy nail polish! To match both shoes and nail polish she added a new suede clutch (which I'm pretty sure is form Hugo Boss) to the outfit in the same fantastic colour.

Earrings: Hartmann's
Dress: Prada Grey Dress w. White Collar
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Pearl Bracelet
Clutch: Hugo Boss Purple Clutch

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