Winter Chick Like Mary!

When it's cold and snowy outside warm clothes are need. In Denmark we waited all December to get what we call 'real winter weather' which means some minus degrees and some snow. While we waited for some snow Mary and her family enjoyed  warm vacation in Australia. Now the calendar tell us it's January and the December-weather has (finally) come to Denmark. Already in the beginning of January cold and snow had hit Denmark and on the twins birthday almost legendary pictures were published of Frederik and Mary picking up their two birthday-children from kindergarten accompanied by the family dog, Ziggy. Because of the cold weather all four of them were all warmly dressed in in thick down jackets, boots and kitted hats. After an idea from one of my readers I will now do a post about how to get winter chick like Mary. Even if you need to be warm in such weather, it's also alright to look good at the same time. As always Mary is the perfect example of how to dress. She is a great inspiration for me and I think it is about time you get a post with winter inspiration in the style of Mary. Most of the time we only see her in real winter clothes when she's private or of course when she's on the annual skiing vacation in Verbier. I've found some essential item you can't do without in the fall and winter season. It's for woolen sweaters and knee length boots!

What materials you should wear
Before we start talking about the different items you need to get the perfect winter wardrobe, I think it would be a good idea to talk about materials first because to me it's important what kind of material I'm wearing especially in the winter. When I buy new clothes or reused I always try to find these items with most 'natural material' such as cotton and wool. The reason i simple: your skin is able to breath. Today most clothes are made of polyester and acrylic, which by the way are made of plastic, because it's the cheapest. Of course I also have clothes made of polyester an acrylic (I'm not a saint!) but I really want to spend more money on clothes that does not contain plastic. Your skin can't breath and the quality is horrible. Quality over quantity. My advise would be: buy a few key items made of 'natural material' and mix and match your clothes. Sometimes less is more -and easier. Wool is one of my favourite materials to wear during the autumn and winter season of course because you stay warm in a natural way. Cashmere is also preferable, a little more expensive but... less is more. Cotton I have mentioned. A thing to remember buying a new sweater is, it does not need to be made of 100% wool or cashmere. With just 8 or 10% blend of cotton, polyester etc. your sweater tend to stay in shape much better. 

Outwear: Coats and jackets
To find the right winter jacket isn't the most easy thing in the world but it's essential for you to find a jacket that can keep you warm even though thermometer show minus degrees. It all depend on where you live, how the winter turns out and of course what your style is. I assume your style is classic, practical and at the same time you like something a little elegant because you fancy Mary's style and that's why you are reading this right now. Like most other royal women, Mary likes to wear coats from summer to autumn. But in the winter she often choose the tick down jackets with some kind of fur collar both long and short models. If she decide to wear the more stylish coat, she prefer to wear chose made of wool which by the way looks really beautiful. Vests are also something Mary uses a lot especially in the time between autumn and winter. Mary both wear winter jackets that's very simple and features lots of details; like the one below. The only way to find the right coat or jacket is for you to try them on. Be inspired of Mary and I assure you, you will find one you can wear at any occasion.

Add Down Down Jacket with Fur Hood £278.91
 Rudsak Caddott Jacket CA$380 
Lands' End Luxe Wool Car Coat $219
Lands' End Basketweave Wool Coat DKK 1540

The right footwear
Finding the right footwear I think is just as difficult as finding the perfect winter jacket. I took me several years before I found was I was looking for, hopefully it will be a lot easier for you. When it comes to winter wear for your feet Mary is the woman who loved brown leather boots especially from one of her favourite designers: Prada. Most of us can't afford expensive Prada boots but still I recommend you to find a pair made of real leather because they are more comfortable to wear and it's a pair of boots you can have for several years not just one season. Maybe you are lucky to find boots that features fur inside, if not you can do like Mary and wear woolen socks. To match her other clothes we have seen her wear these socks in both beige, green and brown. It looks absolutely stunning and you keep your feet warm. Usually when Mary wear boots, it's knee length boots. The last few year there is a tendency for her to wear ankle boots as well. So what every you like; Mary show how to wear them. For her, I think the important thing is quality over quantity. Something classic that never goes out of style. 

Best winter accessories
Like summer, winter have all these amazing accessories. I love the difference between how and when to wear accessories. In the winter knitted hats, leather gloves and cashmere scarf are among Mary's favourites such as ponchos and capes. What I like about Mary's winter accessories is the fact that they are both practical and stylish at the same time. Mary wear these accessories as beautiful as everything else. She always surprise wearing colourful scarfs and like below wearing a poncho featuring a significant pattern. Because of her brown hair and fair skin she can wear almost any colour and print. The same applies to you with blond hair, it depends on what you like. Mary often wear grey, shades of brown and black. So don't de afraid, winter accessories does not mean you have to wear dull colours - indulge yourself with dark gray and burgundy!

The turtleneck 
A turleneck sweater is simply the best about winter. Mary has right from the beginning showed that she loves to wear these blouses whether they we knitted, made of cotton or a third thing. They we perfect to wear under your summer dresses or when you need to stay extra warm. Turtlenecks are extremely comfortable. Personally, I love wearing them and they make winter a little more cozy. They also beautifully frame your face. Mary wear turtlenecks in almost any colour from brown to moss green. Especially we notice them when they features a rather large collar, it reminds us more of a knitted sweater. Turtlenecks are the perfect item to add to your winter wardrobe and I'm sure you gonna love them just like me and Mary. You can't really live without them. Mary is always adored when she shows up wearing a turtleneck both as blouse and dress. 

Noisey May Jersey Skinny Polo Neck £15.00
Designers Remix Isola Neck Rib Turtleneck Sweater £70.00
Zara Turtleneck Sweater DKK 169
Walis Camel Rib Polo Neck Jumper £10.00

If you are not like Mary who have bare legs all winter, a pair of tights are preferable. Luckily we live in a world where you can purchase any kind of tights you would like. In a million different colours, with or without prints. Often, when she chose to wear tights, it's sheer tights. I don't think we have ever seen her wear tights featuring any print or pattern, instead she wear tights black, grey, shiny, navy blue etc. During winter I would of course recommend woolen tights if it's really cold else I would choose tights which is closer woven. The most expensive aren't always the best. And to get the style of Mary, wear them with pride!

Asos 180 Denier Velvet Touch Tights £10.00
Topshop 200 Denier Black Opaque Tights £10.00
Falke Soft Merino Tights £30.00
John Lewis Wool Rib Tights £16.00


  1. Henriette:

    Thank you for this wonderful piece on CP Mary's very chic winter wardrobe. It was a delight to read!

    I love that it contained many "little nuggets" of information which I know I will find useful this winter and beyond.



    1. I'm so glad you like it :) ...and thanks for sharing the idea with me! It only makes me happy to know you enjoyed reading the finial result.

  2. Replies
    1. Camilla, it makes me really happy to know you find my article useful :)

  3. Please, will you really post some more things about the same issue; I am actually a great fan of your blog...

    1. It only makes me glad to know you enjoyed this post about Mary's winter wear. Maybe I will write some more about the subject if the weather stays like it is right now ;) But with this you have the basic of what you need to get winter chick like Mary.

  4. Hi. In the picture in which she wears a brown turtle neck top, I'm just wondering what's the brand of the brown clothe she wears outside of the turtle neck top. I really love it. Thanks!

    1. ...It is a brown/green dress she's wearing from Hugo Boss. I'm pretty sure this is the only time we have seen her in that dress. A true winter-outfits with the turtleneck and long boots (which you can't see on this photo). If you mail me, I think I'm able to share a photo with you of the dress ;)

    2. Hi! Thank you for your prompt reply. And sorry that I've only replied you now. I've been looking for this dress these few days but no luck. Is this last year's or the year before collection?

    3. You are very welcome :) The photo is taken several years ago and if I'm right the dress is from 2009. You see a photos of the dress here: taken from the great blog Royals & Fashion ;) I hope you will find is somewhere. Maybe try bay or yoox, both good sites to find old clothes like this dress