Update + Those New Galleries You Have Waited For!

I am always doing something on the blog whether you notice it or not. I try to make you a part of as much as possible and now I feel it's about time you get a little update. Because it is a while ago Mary has had a job to attend, I have had plenty of time to do something else things like the voting I did last week with the wonderful drawings of Mary's three new year outfits. I had the feeling that you liked those drawings pretty much, am I right? There was no doubt in your mind because with over 45% of the votes her midnight blue velvet gown by Jesper Høvring that features the dazzling beaded skirt. Well, this  is also the most prestigious evening of them all to the royal family. On such an evening magnificent gowns is a most have! Thanks to all of you who have voted. This gives me an idea of what you think and what you like. As I mentioned before, it's not much we have seen her lately, not since she attended the handing over of the Heart Association's Research Scholarship on January 11. On the other hand, we have seen some the work she has been doing with the Mary Foundation off record -One like Us & Mary and Mikkel Against Bullying. But the next few weeks her calendar is packed with new year reception with the Women Deliver committee (January 28th), she will present the Women's Board Award 2016 (January 29th), she attends a meeting with the Mary Foundation and Red Cross (February 1st), she will attend the opening of Copenhagen fashion week (February 3rd), and speaks at a conference on sexual and reproductive health and rights in humanitarian crises (February 4th). So we have all these events to look forward to. And now to the second half of the headline: Those New Galleries You Have Waited For! because a part of my updating process was also to update all the former folders with clothes, hats, bags etc. You might remember that I decided to remove all pictures on the blog because of this (annoying, but understandable) copyright which also includes the folders I know you loved so much. Because I'm doing a complete update on the blog entries you can at any time go back and find all the ID's I have on her wardrobe or of course contact me if you are looking for something special. But for now the old folders are replaced with galleries!! Maybe you have already seen them, maybe but. I'm really proud of them and I truly hope you like them as well. You find them in the right panel, at the bottom. What you also find is a gallery called "Mary's UFO's". I recently learned about these "ufo's". You probably know much more about it than I do but what I learned is just what I need for this blog: a place where we can share thoughts about her clothes and accessories that have not yet been identified. You are always a great help to me and without you I wouldn't know half of what's written in my blog entires. So now I reach out to you again and hope you remember some of these items when you are on a treasure hunt to find clothes from her wardrobe. You are welcome to leave a comment or mail me if you are able to identify any of these things. You are also more than welcome to share your thoughts with me. I so much look forward to hear from you. Let the fun begin!

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