En Som Os / One like Us

Yesterday I shared a post about Mary and her work with bullying because the Mary Foundation has announced they will be working together with MH24 and the project The Association Mikkel Against Bullying for a better environment for children in their spare time. If you haven't read it yet you find it here. One of the main issues the foundations is working with is social isolation among children. In 2008 a documentary was made of Mary and her work with the foundation which gives us a good insight into their work. Even though it's quite some years old, it's absolutely still worth watching, here and here. Often social isolation is caused by bullying such as solitude. In the past few years there has been more attention to how devastating solitude can be for us as a individual; whether you are a child or an adult. Among other things, various medias have been used to draw attention to how important it is that we help each other when it is at its most difficult. Mary is also a frequent user of different medias  in her work as patron and as Crown Princess; she gives special interviews, she participates in major international conferences and not least she participates when it's needed in making interviews and short films used by the Mary Foundation. Back in November 2015 Mary attended the Ultra Gala show in S√łnderborg which is the big live show produced by DR (Danmarks Radio) to kids in the age of 7-12. The show is a combination of music, comedy and entertainment. The show is invented to focus on being a nice friend, how to be aware of one's friends' well-being and how to taken action when it is needed. This "teaches" the children to take care of each other as they help to combat bullying and social isolation on their own. At the Ultra Gala show 2015 a short interview was showed where Mary and Bubber talks with six brave children on how they have experienced loneliness, how it feels and how to solve the problem. The children are very outspoken and though they are deeply touched they still have courage to talk about how they felt lonely. Mary also tells how she experienced loneliness when her mother died: like we live in a bubble and no one understands how it really feels. I was very moved after having seen the interview because it takes a lot of courage to talk about something so sensitive which is also a taboo. I think you should take the time to watch it yourself and if you do not understand Danish at all, I'm sure you by their faces see how sensitive it is for them to talk about. 


  1. Love the work Mary does with highligtning bullying!

    1. Yes, she is indeed doing a great job in collaboration with the Mary Foundation and other organizations. I'm sure we will only see more of this in the future :)