"The Christmas Seal Home - The Fight for a Good Childhood"

Monday, October 26th

Off record, Crown Princess Mary as the patron of the Christmas Seal Foundation (Julemærkefonden) she visited a Christmas Seal Home in Kildemose.

About the Christmas Seal Homes / Julemærkehjemmet
In Denmark we have four of these homes for children who struggles with among others social isolation and bullying. Each year over 750 children, in the age of 7-14 years old, gets help from the Christmas Sea Homes and their foundation. The children stays there for 10 weeks and does also learn about eating health food and what excise is good for. The money from the selling of the stamps goes to these homes. Support the homes and read much more about all of it here.

Now, about one and a half month later this shows up: Mary has been visiting a Christmas Seal Home in October. Her visit was recorded by TV2 and the program was broadcasted this evening. And it was 50 touching minutes. We follow Emma-Sophie, Laura and Lucas fighting to change old bad habits and break patterns so that they can have faith in themselves again. This is why the three kids are staying at the Christmas Seal Home in Kildemose; to rebuild the faith in themselves. Emma-Sophie is struggling with weight problems such as Lucas. We follow Lucas on his first day at the Christmas Seal Home where he from day one will learn about his new good and much better habits. These habits will give him the knowledge of what healthy food and more exercise will do good for his body and mind. The third, Laura, does not have any weight problems and this is not the reason why she staid at the Christmas Seal Home in Kildemose. Laura struggles with a with a very low self-esteem after years of bullying. So for 50 minutes we are let into the world of the kids staying at a Christmas Seal Home, how their everyday is before and after their stay. We hear how the Christmas Seal Homes and Christmas Seal Foundation try to help these kids with their problems and give them the tools to become a better version of themselves. Let them know that they are appreciate and worth as much as everybody else. As patron of the Christmas Seal Foundation, Mary came to see how the kids were doing. They had a few good moments with the future Queen who gave all her attention to the kids. Asking and listening to what they had to say, hearing their story and what the homes have been able to do to them. Helping them in the right direction. Everything that the Christmas Seal Homes are working with is also what Mary focuses on with the Mary Foundation that is why it makes sense why she chose to become a patron of the Christmas Seal Foundation. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Old news like this are always welcome in my world. I love the fact that she was on a private and unofficial visit trying to help as many children in Denmark as possible. Just by being present she is showing her interested and support. And second of course because we get to see an unexpected outfit! After all this is a fashion blog. I wasn't disappointed at all with her unofficial-Christmas-Seal-Home-visit-outfit. A mix of old and new goodies, in lovely neutral colours. Today I think I will start from the button and go up. The reason might be because of the shoes-mystery I had to solve. You know that only a very few pictures have been published and only two quite blurred pictures showing her shoes. Which are both annoying and exciting. First I thought it was a pair of shiny Gianvito Rossi ankle boots but something was completely wrong. Actually everything was wrong with these two models. In the meantime I was able to identify her new grey woolen blazer. I was so sure it was from Ralph Lauren and that was also where I found it. Then I have the feeling that her new grey turtleneck is also from Ralph Lauren. Take a look at the one I have found and let me know what you think. To me there are quite similar. Well back to the shoes. I was sure I have been them before and for sure that she was wearing black ankle boots. THEN I knew. Back in 2014 when Mary, Christian and Isabella stopped by before the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen she wore, what I strongly believe is, the same black ankle boots (you see a photo of the shoes above). Unfortunately I do not know the designer. Maybe you do? A great match to the black trousers and grey blazer. The curly hair  I absolutely loved; so feminine! This outfit gave me a great idea what to wear on my own. One of my turtlenecks, black trousers, ankle boots and blazer. 

Blazer: Ralph Lauren Herringbone Wool Leigh Jacket $959 (on sale)
Blouse: Ralph Lauren Cashmere Turtleneck $234-$239 (on sale)

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