The Beloved Family Dog

Et billede slået op af Princess Josephine of Denmark (@princessjosephineofdenmark) den

Right now Frederik and Mary are in Australian with their four lovely children on vacation to celebrate Christmas with her family this year. We have already seen a few photos taken by private people and I really think they are having a good time. So I have prepare several posts to share with you instead. A while ago I had this idea of something I would really like to share with you but I didn't feel there was any 'right moment' to actually write and post about it. But because the family is in Australia and there will be nothing new for a month it's obvious that now is the time. I want to talk about a very important family member we not hear that much about. Still she appears on several official photos. Now you might already know who I'm thinking of: you're right, it is Ziggy. The beloved family dog of them all. Because no Frederik and Mary without Ziggy.

The story goes back to 2004 when the couple were getting married. On occasion of their wedding Danish Kennel Club (Dansk Kennel Club) wanted to give the couple a puppy as a gift. By considerations Frederik and Mary chose that they wanted a Border Collie puppy from Kennel Blue Border as their new family pet. They then chose the brown and white Border Collie called 'Jezabel'. The Border Collie puppy, later named Ziggy by Mary, was born on January 13th 2005. She is of pure English Border Collie lines, and her father is a very well-known Border Collie in England who frequently appear in newspapers as well as on TV. Ziggy got six siblings, two of them lives in the Netherlands, two of them in Denmark and the last two was kept by Kennel Blue Border. Three months later in April, Frederik and Mary got Ziggy and she has been a part of the family right since. Because a Border Collie is both responsive and attentive but not born with these characteristics they must be trained. With their intelligence this should be no problem. Only two months after Ziggy became a part of the family, Frederik and Mary had professional help to educate them how to train their new dog. They had help by Louisa Wibroe and her dog Thelka who both showed some agility tricks in the private garden of the royal couple. Frederik tried the same tricks with Ziggy. Afterwards the two dogs had a little time to play while Lousia Wibroe talked to Frederik and Mary about having a Border Collie. Funny thing to remember, three months later the couple were parents for the first time to a little boy - Prince Christian. Wonderful photos were taken of Ziggy "Jezabel" when she was just a little puppy. I would so much like so show them in my post but see them here for yourself.

As I said, Ziggy often appears on the official photos of the family. Latest when Prince Christian celebrated his 10 year old birthday on October 15th. I also remember when Mary was photographed to the Australian Women's Weekly in 2013 and how wonderfully Ziggy attended to make the photos even better. Well behaved she follows her owners everywhere when either Frederik or Mary go for a walk or pick up the kids from kindergarden or school. You might also remember that Mary was accompanied by Ziggy when she participate in the Replant the Planet campaign on November 2nd.

About the breed "Border Collie" 
A border collie was born as a shepherd dog, but is ideal as a family. Still today the dog are used as a shepherd dog in countries like England, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia. The breed comes in various colours, but white may not be the dominating colour. The sweet Ziggy as you know is brown and white. There are both long-haired and short-haired dogs of this specific breed. A Border Collie is both responsive and attentive but it's not something they are born with. It requires the dog to be trained in the right way but because it's very intelligent (actually the breed is know as the most intelligent of them all), so I guess that Ziggy had the exact right training. The Border Collie is an active dog and loves to run and spend time outside in the open. They are not known as the best guard dog and will often do no more than barking of strangers. Perfect for a dog in the royal family. This breed is then perfect for at an active family that loves an active dog.

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