The beloved family dog

Right now the Crown Prince couple enjoy some time with all four children in Australia to celebrate Christmas with her family. This gives me the opportunity to share other interesting posts with you. A while ago I had an idea. But the right moment was never really there. Now it is. I am going to talk about another very important family member. A member you all know, but still a member I have never really talked about before. She often appears on official photos along with the rest of the family. Of course I am talking about the beloved family dog, Ziggy.

The story
It goes back to 2004 when the Crown Prince couple were getting married. On occasion of their weeding, Danish Kennel Club gave them a puppy. The couple chose a Border Collie puppy from Kennel Blue Border to be their new family member. They fell in love with a brown and white Border Collie called Jezabel, who was later named Ziggy by the Crown Princess, here. Ziggy was born on January 13th 2005. She is from a English Border Collie line with a father, who is a well-known for its appearance in English newspapers and TV. She is one six puppies. Two of them lives in the Netherlands, two in Denmark and the last two puppies was kept by the Kennel Blue Border. In April 2005 Ziggy is officially part of the Crown Prince couple's family. Because a Border Collie is both responsive and attentive, but not born with these characteristics they must be trained. Because of their intelligence this should be no problem. The couple got some professional help on how to train their new dog. Louisa Wibroe was the one who helped the couple along with her dog Thelka, here.

Ziggy often appears in official photos with the Crown Prince family. Most recently when Prince Christians celebrated his 10th birthday on October 15th, here. Also along with the Crown Princess when she was photographed to cover the Australian Women's Weekly in 2013, here. One time Ziggy even accompanied the Crown Princess on a job on November 2nd, here. A pleasant surprise.

About the breed
A Border Collie was born as a shepherd dog, but is ideal as a family dog. Still today the dog are used as a shepherd dog in countries as England, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia. The breed comes in various colours. Often white is not the dominating colour. There are both long-haired and short-haired. A Border Collie is both responsive and attentive, though it's not something they are born with. It requires the right training and time. The breed is very intelligent, actually the most intelligent breed of them all. The Border Collie is an active dog and loves to run and spend time outside in the open. They are not known as good guard dogs and tend to meet strangers with an open mind and not bark. A perfect characteristics for a dog royal family.

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