Fourth Advent = Fourth Christmas Eve Inspiration

Well girls, there are only four/five days left now till the big night we have all waited for. The last four weeks I have with great pleasure shared some of my personal favourite outfits with you to inspire you to find the perfect look in your style. Right from the beginning my goal was sharing four outfits in order to hit all of your different tastes. Everything from the little-black-dress to sparkling sequins,  maxi dresses and one classic suit. I hope that I have managed to pick something that has been able to inspire all of you to find a Christmas outfit that makes you happy. I am the type who spend months to gather ideas for what to wear I at an particular event I'm going to. Maybe that's a little too much, despite that It's something I really like. Christmas and New Year are the two times a year where to make the most of one's outfit if you ask me. Because my New Year's Eve is very quiet this year, I choose be a little more 'crazy' on Christmas Eve. No one is as lucky as I am because I have the best friend you can ever imagine who gave me the golden Ganni dress like Mary wore at The St. Loye Prize 2015! Enough about me, the last outfit I haven chosen to share with you wonderful people is from 2007 when Mary and Frederik were on a official to New York shortly after Princess Isabella was worn. Actually I think Isabella joined them because she was way too little to be without her mother this long. A stunning sparkling outfit with amazing details. I think this would be great as a Christmas outfit with the beige leather skirt, golden accessories and sequin jacket. In my eyes a winner!

Sequin jacket: French Connection Sunbeamer Sequin Jacket £77
Belt: Brave Obi Wrap Leather Belt £87.84
Skirt: J. Crew Petite Pencil Skirt £110
Earrings: Tong and Song Clear CZ Rectangle Drop Earrings $55 
Bracelets: Lydell NYC Pyramid Stacked Crystal Cuff Bracelets $24.50
Watch: Bulova Women's Bulova Atch Rectangular $188
Ring: Kevin Jewelers Sterling Silver & 14K Smoky Quartz and White Topaz Ring $120.99
Clutch: Julia Cocco' Bronze Mini Satin Cluthc $96
Shoes: Presli Crocco Leather Pumps $219

Sequin jacket: Rose Gal Long Sleeve Embellished Solid Color Women's Blazer $20.62
Belt: New Look Black Embellished Waist Belt £14.99
Skirt: Lulu's Chic Beige Pencil Skirt $28
Earrings: c.A.K.e by Ali Khan Gold-Tone Square Crystal and Pavé Drop Earrings £12.72
Bracelets: Erica Lyons Golden Globe Bracelet Set $14
Watch: Rudiger Women's Boon Gold IP Stainless Steel Watch £94.92
Ring: Journee Collection 14K Goldplated Sterling Silver Topaz 3-stone Ring £47.79
Clutch: Nina Larry Satin Clutch £41.21
Shoes: Nine West Women's Jackpot Leather Dress Pumps $23.70-79

Hair (Ideas)
As you see Mary did not have the most "exciting" hairstyle just a rather simple blowout like the one I talked about last week, here. I like the fact that Mary is able to make such a simple hairstyle looks this beautiful! I do not master this yet but I think it can be done with a curling irons or straighteners as well. A few wavy curls is what I see. Because of the sparkling sequin jacket and many golden accessories I see why she did not chose a flashy and extravagant hairdo. So instead of telling you one more time how to do this I thought why not imagine I was her hairdresser and give you suggestions what I think would do great to this outfit. At the time, 2007, her hair was medium length therefor these ideas are great for you with a medium length hair. I love the more loose and casual hairstyles and I think they would do great to Christmas Eve with a sequin jacket and leather skirt! These kind of hairstyles are also quite easy to make and it really dos not matter that they look too perfect. 

Make up
No doubt that Mary's makeup is always flawless of course with the help from her hairdresser and stylist Søren Hedegaard who is a brilliant at what he does. It takes a lot of practice but still you do not need a professional to look your best. I will show you products you'll need to create a wonderful look similar to Mary's from her New York trip. The brown eye makeup perfectly matched her golden, dark, brown and copper shades of her outfit. As usual her lips had a powder pink colour because of the shiny lip gloss to make her lips look a little bigger. Before I start talking more about what you need, it's important for you to remember to find the colours that matches your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. With Mary's brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin the copper colours looks stunning! 

Makeup Primer/ Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer $37
Foundation/ Bourjois Happy Light Foundation 30ml £11.99
Miniral Powder/ Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder $38
Blush/ MAC Powder Blush, 0.21 £15.63
Lipgloss/ Burt's Bees Lip Gloss £8.99

After four weeks, with four very different Christmas Eve outfits inspirations I hope I have been able to inspire you to find an outfit that will make your evening even better. If you need last minute ideas you find my previous posts here, here and here. On the first advent I talked about the classic little-black dress accessorized with golden jewelries. A week later about a maxi silver gown, the more modern white suit on advent third and today the final outfit with sparkling sequins and copper accessories. Give you vote and let me know which outfit you find the most inspiring to you. I would also love to hear about your Christmas Eve plans and what you will be wearing. Look forward to hear from you! Merry fourth advent everybody<3


  1. Henriette:

    I really enjoyed the Advent Style Inspiration series. My favorite was the little black dress--it is so versatile and timeless. I hope this series is some thing you will do through out the year- perhaps seasonal, if time permits.

    I will be going to the Christmas Eve service at our church. It is a big production and an event which I love to dress up for. This year I plan to wear a midi length full skirt in burgundy with a black lace blouse. It will be a chilly night and so I plan to wear a short hounds-tooth jacket. This jacket is black and white with splashes of red. I will accessorize with simple gold hoops and an long gold pendant necklace; black stockings, black suede high heel pumps and black clutch bag. My hairstyle for this event will be simple--loose curls with a side part.

    Finally, thanks you for another year of wonderful posts about our Crown Princess and I look forward to more in the new year ahead.

    All the best.


    1. I'm glad you like my style-inspiration-post and I truly hope I will be able to do something similar at other occasions. It sounds like you have everything planned for Christmas ;) I'm sure you will look beautiful! Thanks for sharing -maybe other will get inspired from what you have told. Merry Christmas to you and your family :)