16 Facts You Might Not Know

* Mary's mother -Henrietta Clark Donaldson- had the nickname Etta.

* In 2015 she had around 43 jobs related to social work.

* Mary has a three chained necklace in three different lengths with four pendants, two on the short one, featuring each child's initial. 

* She has a bachelor's degree in commerce and law (B Com. LLB).

* Mary was the one to order a ruby ring matching the Ruby Parure. 

* Her power pink evening gown from Carla Zampatti is custom-made for her. 

* In her office at Amalienborg Palace she has Svanen chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen, Danish architect. 

* Mary was born in 1972 and is about 172 cm. high.

* Two red rubies were added to her engagement ring, maybe to represent all four children.

* The old lace were taken off her wedding gown after the wedding. 

* Mary was the one to name Ziggy back in 2005.

* The day after Frederik watched the pictures in the local newspaper and had a big smile on his face :)

* When Isabella was born in 2007 the press asked Mary if Frederik had given her a gift on occasion of the birth. Mary pointed at the little girl and said "He gave me her". Awww...!

* She once dyed her hair red but changed it a few days later. She showed her new hair on their 5th anniversary in 2009

* In highschool Mary she was the class president and was representing the students as well as the school at events. 

* Mary was one of this years keynote speakers at The Global Network of Women's Shelters' Conference in the Netherlands. 

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