The Child Welfare Day

Tuesday, November 24th
Et billede slået op af Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth (@crownprincessmaryofdenmark) den

Crown Princess Mary attended as patron of the Child Welfare Day (Børnehjælpsdagen) and eboks' tennis event along with Danish tennis player Caroline Woznoacki in KB-Hallen, Frederiksberg. 

About the Child Welfare Day / Børnehjælpsdagen
The Child Welfare Day / Børnehjælpsdagen aims to strengthen children and young people's, in care, resources and potential to make them better prepared for the the adult life. A wide range of activities and projects have been developed to be able to for instance complete an education, get a job and become self-supporting. They work with the mission to give children and young people the support they need to be the best version of themselves. Crown Princess Mary is patron of the Child Welfare Day. Read more here

Mary has for several year been patron of the Child Welfare Day (Børnehjælpsdagen) which aims to encourage children and young people in care to became the best version of themselves by committing them in specially developed activities and projects. Yesterday 22 of these children there are living in institutions or with foster families, were chosen to participate in a very special three-hour sports event in the KB-Hall in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. This was just not at normal event, which by the way was arranged by the Child Welfare Day and eboks, because two famous women would also participate: everybody's beloved Crown Princess of Denmark and of course Danish tennis player Caroline Woznoacki. Also the Children's Aid Director, Ina Thorndahl, and the e-Boks' CEO, Henrik Andersen attended yesterdays sports event. 

Around an hour after the tennis event started, Mary arrived to the tennis hall more than ready to give the children a great day. The two lucky teenagers Nicolaj and Tobias got the change to play the first game with Caroline Wozniacki right after Mary arrived. Mary found her chair and look as if she was ready to take part in the game - which she actually did. She changed to another pair of shoes and played a double with Caroline, Tobias and his friend Nicolaj. So far I haven't been able to find either pictures or a video of Mary playing tennis but I truly hope I will. I would love seeing her play! The children were clearly overwhelmed to get the change to both meet and play with Caroline who is a world famous tennis player and the further Queen of Denmark. I understand the kids'  reaction, once I was lucky to see Mary and Frederik when they visited the city I live in, despite the fact that I'm a royalist of all my heart, it was magical to see them in 'real life'. So it's almost not possible to imagine how the 22 children felt when they met her yesterday at this event. Both Mary and Caroline were in a excellent mood during and by no doubt gave all the kids a wonderful day to remember. The actual purpose of this exclusive sports event was to encourage children to think more about sport and exercise in everyday life something the Child Welfare Day has been working with since 2006. I love that Mary take part in such events, it makes her not so... unattainable. She takes her role as patron serious and I think she enjoys participating in such events where she can meet some of those she try to help with her commitment. I remember I once read an interview with Frederik where he told that when he met Mary over 10 years ago, she was just as committed helping others than she is today, something he admires her for. I think she's able to give those who need it the most a voice. So Mary, please keep up the good work!

Mary's choise in clothes I understand. It's so cold in Denmark these days but the weather is changing all the time. A few days ago we had snow, now the sun is shining but still it's really cold. Winter weather means darker colours, knitted swathers and cozy scarfs. Mary had chosen a navy blue, white and gray colour pallet which was really classy. I've always admired her way of wearing trousers. I think she can wear any type of trousers, from jeans to the printed ones. Her rather slim legs fit into any pair of trousers, shorts and skirts. At the tennis event she wore simple navy blue trousers that perfectly matched her knitted jumper from JOSEPH featuring a white blouse underneath. Back in was is August the family was at vacation in Gråsten, she wore it with a pair of denim short. I feel in love right away and suddenly I found her jumper when I was looking for something completely different. Anyways, the JOSEPH jumper and the trousers were a really good match to the grey Naledi Copenhagen scarf, also a reuse. Among others she wore it when Kofi Annan was visiting Denmark back in 2013. Something else we also have seen before is her shark grey ankle boots. When we first saw them at a fashion show a year ago I was not able to identify them because the serious lack of pictures. Then she wore them at some award and again there was no 'good' pictures of her shoes. Comparing all these bad pictures they are now found at, I tend to say of course, Gianvito Rossi. When we are talking about her shoes I want to mention one little thing you might use when to wear ankle boots in the fall and winter period. Mary often wear ankle boots with trousers and socks are not the best to wear if your trousers are above the shoes. You just want to hide them. Mary wear sheer stockings and not just the normal boring ones. She choose them in matching colours to her outfit. That means also navy blue, grey, black you name it. With sheer stockings it's fantastic you see them. About the coat, I do not have an ID on it but I'm pretty sure it is the same she wore when she attended the Advise for Life 2015 on September 15th. Then I HAVE TO mention her wearing a wonderful bordeaux nail polish!!! Love it. Now I know it's time for me to do choose the same colour. And if you have really good eyes you will se that she is wearing a green ring on her right hand! 

Earrings: Jewlscph 
Blouse: JOSEPH Merino Knit Jumper £255
Scarf: Naledi Copenhagen Buddah Silk Scarf in Grey
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Suede Pointed-Toe Ankle Bootie, Gray

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