Say Hello to...

... Mary's horse Goché! It's no secret that Mary loves to take ride especially when she and the rest of the family are visiting Gråsten Castle during the summer. She has even been photographed with her horse on some of the first official pictures back in 2004, in the Australian Vogue magazine with the statement: "To me luxury is being with my horse, with no time pressure. A moment away from everything." To the book Kronprinsesse Mary -fortæller til Anne Wolden-Ræthinge she was also photographed with her beloved horse (the two pictures at the top). Mary just love to be around her horse. I found an article from 2006 telling that Goché stayed at Antvorskov Barracks working as escort-horse. Among other things, in November 2006, Mary's horse was riding escorts in connection with the Norwegian royal couple visit in Denmark. Overkonstabel Hoejby, who took care of training the horse tells that Mary was also visiting several times during the stay and that there clearly was a close bond between the two of them. Apparently is Goché a very curious and friendly horse according to the Instragram you see below, which says:

"Hello to Crown Princess Mary's horse. Very sweet and a curios one. It stuck its nose right into the camera." 

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