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You might remember that I a few weeks ago talked about the new royal movie Mary: The Making of a Princess produced by Chanel Ten, and Australian Tv channel. When I first heard Frederik and Mary's story would become a movie I was very skeptical and I thought it was a joke. Such films are often criticized because people think they are accurate enough and throughout the years we have seen the most recidivous attempts to portraying their story, that was why I haven't mentioned the news on the blog. Because how would the result be? We all know the story about how they met, fell in love and got married and we all have our own opinion on the story. I only new a little bit about the production and who would be the main characters. I decided to find out more about it. What I found gave me the impression that this could be good. Someone like me who have seen so much when it comes to Mary -comments, private pictures in magazines, scandals etc., I have become very critical especially when someone tries to reproduce their story. But this time I think the news needs a little positive publicity. Even before the film had been broadcasted I had the feeling that most bloggers and royal watchers already hated it. This only made me even more excited to watch it. The two main characters were played by two local Australian actors: Ryan O'Kane as Crown Prince Frederik and Emma Hamilton as Crown Princess Mary. Both actors have great similarities with the real-deal. Emma Hamilton dyed her light blonde hair to a much darker chestnut brown colour that give her more or less the same colour as Mary's.

Then about a week ago it was time for the world to see what the Australians have been doing. Since the broadcast I have listened to various negative attitudes and comments about the film, why it did not show the truth and how it almost discriminatory them. At this time I hadn't watched it yet. Many of you have been so sweet to tell me where to watch but somehow I did not manage to play it on my computer. Yesterday I was looking at Tesouras & Tiaras and came across a post sharing a link on Youtube where to watch Mary: The Making of a Princess. Within seconds I was placed in a chair watching it. With only bad expectations and almost nothing to hope for I was almost glued to the screen in all one and a half hour. And you know what: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Because I had no expectations I thought I would be the most horrible movie ever. But I completely feel in love with the two characters and their story. It was funny, loving, emotional, quite long from the truth and the other characters wasn't that close to the real ones but still it's a movie honoring the love story of the Danish Crown Prince Couple. I think it gave me the story I want to believe in, what might happened because the truth it, we will never know for sure. More than once I spotted references to things and stories we know all about. I like how the viewer was able to identify both scenes and clothes to something real. When we talk about similar clothes, then I think they did a really good job with her clothes and the tiara and earrings are created by Maria Elena Head Pieces, just in case you wanted to know. Impressive job! I could mention so many different scenes from the movie I adore, whether it's true or not: a scene were Frederik and Mary run away from his bodyguards during the Olympic Games the first time they meet, when Frederik give Mary an eucalyptus tree imported from Australia the day before the weeding, their conversation before they meet the press at their engagement and the way Emma Hamilton sits in that scene in front of the press is just like Mary did! But I think you should see all of this and much for yourself down below. Happy watching!

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