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Saturday, November 7th

Crown Princess Mary, unexpectedly showed up with three of her children - Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine - at Book Forum (BogForum) in the Bella Center, Copenhagen, to visit the large Book Fair.

What is Book Forum/BogForum?
Book Forum is a popular book-event held for the 24th times this year. Since 2012 have the Books Forum been held in the Bella Center in Copenhagen. It moved from Frederiksberg three years ago. Here you find plenty of new books, watch interviews and maybe met your favorite author and get your book signed. The forum was this year open from November 6th to 8th. Visit their website here.

Unexpected did Mary and three of her four children show up at the annual Book Forum in the Bella Center in Copenhagen to attend, at 11:00 a clock local time, the launch of former model Carina Axelsson's new book, now published in Danish, called Model under cover. She is engaged to Crown Prince Frederik's cousin Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, who is the son of Princess Benedikte. Accompanied with actress Ellen Hillingsø, who is also a close friend of Mary's, Carina Axelsson talked about her new book which is about some of the mysteries from the fashion world. If you would like to purchase her book have get the chance right here. Maybe it's the christmas gift to yourself or someone you love? With Isabella, Vincent and Josephine Mary sat in the front raw when Carina Axelsson talked about book. The atmosphere was great, I think all of them enjoyed their Saturday. Despite everybody was taken pictures of guest of honor and of course the four royal family members, they all acted completely normal. Actually Mary took some pictures herself with her golden iPhone 6 (not that I want to make any publicity...) but it's kind of a sensation when we see the royals use their phones in public. Mary found a good balance when to use it. At the Hubertus hunt a few days ago she also took some photos of the kids which I think is just normal for any mother to do. It is just lovely to see and me know that Mary is a great photographer because of her wonderful pictures of the children that have been published often on occasion of their birthdays. If I'm correct we have only seen Mary 'use' her phone a one public event when the Maternity Foundation launched their new app Help a mother at mothers day 2012. That the royal family choose to participate unofficially for such events is amazing I think. As any other Danish family uses the a Saturday together. I also think it is important for the royal couple to spend time with the children and of course it must be nice for the children to spend time with their parents who they have to do without them many days of the year, when they are out on official visits around the world and will not participate in the gala dinners etc. At least I think little Vincent had a really nice day, who had fun with his sister's hair band which so much reminds me of one of Mary's hairbands -from 2007 when she was pregnant with Isabella. Could Josephine has inherited her mother's hairband? That would be normal. Think for a second, to have Mary as a mother and have access to her wardrobe. I wish that was me. You see a picture of Mary with the grey hairband down below. I so much love Vincent's blue eyes and sweet smile! He looks so much like his dad on his age. By attending 'private' events like this makes the kids feel safe and it become a normality for them to be in public. A woman who caught Mary and the kids on camera is Pia and she has given me permission to share some of these photo with you! Arn't we lucky? She managed to take some really great pictures. Thank you very much Pia for giving me the chance to share your photos!

Photo@ Pia Hansen
Photo@ Pia Hansen
Photo@ Pia Hansen
Photo@Pia Hansen
Another woman who has helped me with finding pictures as well as what she was wearing is my good friend Kate. Mary was dressed very edgy and modern at the same time relaxed an casual at the Book Foum event on Saturday. Almost only in black -blouse, trousers, bag, shoes- she showed that even though she was on a private visit on a Saturday with her children, you can still look amazing! A real winter outfit with the long-sleeved blouse and black jeans. Kate is the one who, very very quickly, identified her new black ankle boots featuring the golden rivets. They are from Julie Fagerholt Heartmade (AW15) which I'm not sure if I like or not. It's so much not something we usually see Mary wear but as everything else she wears it with style. I would really like to get an ID. on her new checkered coat in the grey and black colours but so far I haven't been able to find out where it's from. Do you happen to know anything about it? Finally we have her black leather bag with the braided straps now identified as Dolce & Gabbana. With a little help, me and the great Kate found her black tote bag. As with the coat, you're more than welcome to help me thing these two things. 

Shoes: Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Avita
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana Miss Escape Tote Bag in Black


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    1. Indeed it is! I love the fact that Mary along with three of her children visited the Book Fair to support Carina and her new book :)