Inaugurated the New Soldiers Home's in Birkerød

Friday, October 23rd

Crown Princess Mary participated in the inauguration of the new KFUM's Soldiers Home's transition housing for veteran families in Høvelte, Birkerød.

The history behind KFUM soldiers home's
KFUM soldiers mission began all the way back in 1889 in Copenhagen where the first solders home were established. Because of the effect from world war I and world war II, like the cold war in the period after 1943, the means to help soldiers are needed more than every before. The KFUM soldiers home's are where they are needed when they are needed. If you are interested in reading more about their story, you find it here

I know I'm a few days behind with this post but on friday pictures from Mary in Birkerød were published quite late and yesterday I attended my aunts 40th birthday which began at noon already. Better late than never! So here you get my version of her day in Birkerød.

For the third time Mary took part in the inauguration of a new KFUM Soldiers Home's transition housing for veteran families. These new homes are built in Høvelte, Birkerød. Arriving in Krone 8 on a windy and cold october-day Mary was met by friendly and smily faces as well as music played by the Royal Life Guards Band (Livgardens Musikkorps), which immediately gave a warmer atmosphere to Mary and the other participants. In Denmark, we are on the way to the that time a year when the leaves fall from the trees, it gets colder and we have to wear woolen jackets to keep warm outside. The four seasons are very distinctive in Denmark and highly variable from one to the other. We are heading towards the season before winter: autumn. Which explains the pretty cold weather. One of the reason for Mary to attend the opening is because she is the patron of KFUM Soldiers Mission (KFUMS Soldatermission). She became patron in early 2012 and has among others been in Afganistand in 2009 to visit the Danish soldiers deployed in Camp Bastion. With great empathy she got an impression on how the soldiers home have for the soldiers deployed. KFUM Soldiers Mission use these words on their website to describe what function the soldiers home:
"At the KFUMs Soldiers Home, the atmosphere is more informal, and the soldiers will find a sanctuary in the middle of war, where they will find care for the whole person with spirit, soul and body" - KFUM Soldatermission
As any other royal inauguration Mary cut the red ribbon with a golden scissors to official mark the opening of the new soldiers home's in Hølvelte. After the royal traditional ceremony Mary got some time to talk to one of the soldiers veteran Magnus Nordtun who also showed her the newly inaugurated veteran home. He talked about how it is to stay there and how the daily life typically will proceed on a KFUM soldiers home. At the visit on Friday she also showed her interested in another charity project, that is currently put great focus on in Denmark - to break cancer. By wearing that little red and white flower on her jackets collar, she showed that she with millions of other Danes support the research and treatment of cancer. As the committed woman she is, this is a great way to show her support of something so important. Millions have been collected the last few weeks in Denmark to increase the chances of finding the means to compete cancer to save people's lives. The only thing we can hope for now is the money will be able to help where they are needed.

The day before Mary attended the opening of the new soldiers home in Birkerød, she attended the DANISH Design Talent - Magasin Prize 2015 in the State Museum of Art in Copenhagen to present this years winner. She was dressed in the most magnificent white creation by Danish designer Ole Yde. The floor length evening gown has been subject in many discussions right since. I can't stop loving it! With the feathers and all. It was a little more of a everyday outfit we saw the day after. She chose navy blue double breasted coat seen at a couple other occasions before this one. I always have an interest in where her clothes come from, not that it really matter, but to me it's more a... treasure hunt, the search for the golden treasure. Well, you probably know the feeling. This time Kate was the one who was able to identify the coat as Prada. The coat was found at and it not available anymore so unfortunately I'm not able to show you the model. Of course if you are the one to find pictures of the coat I would love to hear from you. She matched the coat with gloves and  Lanvin pumps features a navy blue bow. This is the epitome of a royal outfit. As the coat I have kinda the same problem with the checkered clutch because I strongly believe it is from Prada but I can't show you a similar model. It's really hard to find. With a natural makeup and casual hairstyle Mary complete her look!

Coat: Prada Double Breasted Coat in Navy Blue
Clutch: Prada?

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    1. You are right! It is a wonderful coat in that navy blue colour. I'm thrilled to see it once again :D