Princess Isabella's Poncho!

To have the blog is very special to me. I get the chance to corporate with the most sweet and loving people you can find on earth. It is always, with no excuse, fantastic to share all of it with you. I have also been so lucky to be contacted by several different companies who want to share an idea with me. Only once I had to refuse. A few days ago I was contacted by an amazing woman from Norlie who we all know as the wonderful children's clothes Princess Isabella and her younger sister Princess Josephine are seen wearing. She kindly asked me if I would be interested in sharing a specific item. I got more and more excited! This item was a poncho similar to the one Princess Isabella wore last year on the family visit to Greenland, where Princess Josephine also wore a Norlie poncho in a lovely off-white colour. I'm so thrilled and honor to get this request that I simply decided to dedicate an entire post just with the purpose to tell you all about their new girls poncho, reproduced in the style of Princess Isabella's from their new AW15 collection. Apparently many of you, my wonderful readers, have shown an interest in the poncho at the time. Therefor I give you the opportunity, in collaboration with Norlie, to get your hands on it again! Great news? So Norlie, I want to thank you very much for contacting me and letting me show one of your beautiful products on my blog! Thanks. 

Photo @ Norlie
Beautiful poncho in a soft knit fabric. The poncho has a turtleneck and opening to the arms at each side. At the top of the poncho is rib, and at the bottom a fine knitted pattern. 45% acrylic, 35% wool, 20% alpaca. Must be hand washed. Buy it here.
Photo @ Norlie

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