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Wednesday, September 16th

At 11:15 pm. local time, Crown Princess Mary visited the University hospital in Aarhus with the Heart Association (Hjerteforeningen). A few hours later, 1:50 pm. local time, Crown Princess Mary were present at the opening of the international school Aarhus Academy for Global Education -AAGE- in Aarhus.

The AAGE - Aarhus Academy for Global Education
They provide a high quality international education values academic excellence and respect for all cultures. AAGE's education enable the students to become socially responsible citizens enthusiastic inquirers and lifelong leaders. Read more about the school here.

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With a large smile on her lips Mary arrived to Aarhus for her visit at the University hospital as the patron of the Heart Association (Hjerteforeningen). Just as warm and smily as she was, she was met by const. chief physician Anne Kaltoft, staff and doctors at Aarhus University. Mary got the chance to talk and meet the departments "Heart disease" (Hjertesygdomme) and "Children's Department" (Børneafdelingen) and meet the children who are hospitalized with heart diseases. Tn addition to meeting the staff and the hospitalized children, Mary watched an heart operation of a 14 year old boy form an observation room. She showed great interest in everything she saw and all the stories she heard. Like always Mary took the time to see, met and talk to the children on the hospital eye to eye. The visit lasted more or less two and a half hour which is a rather long time for a royal visit. I love that she take the time to be present. She is aware how much a 'princess meeting' is to all these children. It is an experience of a lifetime. Among others she met Ann (11 years old) and Maja at 7 and with Mary in the middle, one girl in each hand a royal photo was taken to remember the special day.  

When the two and a half hour were gone Mary moved to the next: the opening of the Aarhus Academy for Global Education that opens new premises at Dalgas Avenue near Marselisborg Palace. Here she was welcomed by the Mayor in Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard and rector of AAGE Charles C. Hanna such as students in all ages who were taken pictures of Her Royal Highness. Mary gave a speech and the some of the students sang a song written and dedicated to her. During her visit she was given a tour on the schools playground where she took the time to talk with four students with four different nationalities - Indian, Danish, American and Chinese. After a little chat it was time to leave Aarhus and for her to go back to Copenhagen. 

Dazzling in a bright pink Goat Fashion dress she amazed me. She was like a star dressed in pink! I'm really happy to see this dress again in a new combo with snake accessories and a wonderful cozy coat identified by Kate as Joseph! I have a thing with grey a coats therefor I'm in love. Autumn and winter  means long woolen coats and really grey and pink looks fantastic. She was glowing. You might remember the dress from when Mary attended the Day of Research 2015? I wonder how she manage to keep up the great work choosing her outfits that well? It like she never has a bad hair day or a bad clothes day. Mary always find the best and most magnificent trends, take them and wear them her way. Of course she wore her pink leather clutch from Carlend Copenhagen, a great choice! As I mentioned before she added snake print accessories to this colourful outfit. We know all about her pumps - python snake pumps from Christian Louboutin and than a little snake belt. Actually I've been looking forward to comment on her jewellery. The Orit Elhanati-necklace you know, she has worn it several times at different occasion. The large black pearl bracelet is a Marianne Dulong and overwhelming beautiful - it is incredibly beautiful needlework! I love when she wear this bracelet. Next to it Mary had added a golden diamond bracelet which I suggested a few weeks ago is from Danish jewellery brand Georg Jensen, well I'm still not completely sure. Then we have what I'm even more exited about the new (!) ring on her right hand! It features a black Tahitian pearls and to me it look like the white pearl ring from Marianne Dulong. That's why I'm sure this is from the same designer. Do you have a close up photo? 

Coat: Joseph Double Cashmere Oslo Coat €1,095
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Pearl Bracelet DKK 36.900
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Magic in 18kt Gold DKK 69,000?
Ring: Marianne Dulong
Dress: Goat fashion Nesta Wool-Crepe Dress in Purple 

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