Crown Princess Mary Scholarship 2015

September, Wednesday 2th

Crown Princess Mary met the Danish recipients of the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship in Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg. 

What is Crown Princess Mary Scholarship?
The scholarship was established back in 2004, the same year as Frederik and Mary got married, and was a gift from the University of Copenhagen to the couple. It is given to two Australian students who have been nominated by universities and chosen by the Danish scholarship committee and award awarded the scholarship which also are given to Danish students. 

Apparently no press were invited to this meeting on Amalienborg but if you see photos somewhere please leave me the link. Thanks. Mary welcomed all 9 recipients and UTAS Vice-Chancellor and Professor Peter Rathjen from University of Tasmania in the Fanegemakket (a room in Frederik VIII's Palace). After the warmhearted welcoming a picture was taken of them all gathered to remember the day. Then there were all invited to a reception in the Tapestry hall (Gobelinsalen). 

I find it a little odd that this meeting with the Danish recipients are so secret. Why aren't the press allowed to be there? When the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship are given to the two Australian students it's much more official. Well we can't do a thing about it. I hoped this would be one of the greatest post I've done for a long time but the truth is different. I can't find any articles to share with you, no pictures at all and so far no identifications on her clothes. I had a feeling that she might wore a dress because the brown leather skirt and the cuff and collar details on the blouse are the same also the same colour. With a little help from Sarah and another good friend I now know she's wearing a  Prada. When I searched for an ID. I thought about Prada and looked but I didn't find a thing. The brown leather details are pretty significant in Prada's new collection. Seen on dresses, blouses and skirts. I ask for your help to find her new blouse. Heaven found a similar model to hers just as a dress. She's wearing her Anni Lu and Charlotte Wæhrens bracelet and very likely also the Orit Elhanati necklace. By the way I forgot to tell you that I order the same Anni Lu bracelet as Mary -Messy Army! Now I finally  received it by mail. Notice her hair, when she handed over the Crown Princess Mary Scholarship in 2007 she had more or less the same length. I like her with this hairstyle makes me think if I should try the same length? But I love my long hair. The brown leather pumps from Gianvito Rossi, she chose to wear features the same lovely brown colours as the skirt/dress. Have we seen them before? I'm not sure. I really need all the help I get. So don't hesitate if you have an idea about anything of what she's wearing. Look forward to hear about all your finds! Hope I will be able to update this post a little with new identifications and maybe a picture, who knows.

Skirt: Prada 3/4 Length Skirt €973
Blouse: Prada Navy Blue Dress Leather Details
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Leather Pumps $670
Bracelets: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet + Fun Bracelet Army DKK 299
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300

6 kommentarer:

  1. Apparently the outfit might be Prada but I have not checked.

    1. I think you are right about Prada, hopefully I will be able to find the same model as Mary's :)

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    1. It is great to know I have you as a reader :) Makes me happy to know you like my blog and the things I'm writing about. Happy reading!

  3. I haven't find an exact model for the blouse but the top of this Prada dress looks very similar :

    1. Thank you very much Heaven! I appreciate you take the time to help :)