Carlsbergs Research Awards 2015

September, Wednesday 2nd

Crown Princess Mary attended a gala dinner and the handing over ceremony of the Carlsberg Foundation Research awards 2015 at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen.

About the Carlsberg Foundation
The Carlsberg Foundation supports basic research at a high international level in social sciences, humanities and science. J.C. Jacobsen, the fonder of Carlsberg as a brewery, established the Foundation i 1876. In the beginning the Carlsberg Foundation provided grants to lead the Carlsberg Laboratory and to support other Danish research. Read more here.

Glamorous as she is, Mary arrived to Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen. She had been invited to hand over the two Carlsberg Foundation Research awards 2015 and to attend a gala dinner. The awards were given to two renowned researchers who have contributed outstanding research within anthropology and biology such as physics and chemistry. These two winners are Professor MSO Andreas Roepstorff, who is the head of the research center Interacting Minds at Aarhus University. He received his award for the research in human culture and biology. The second was Professor, DSc. Kehlet Nørskov from Stanford University, USA who received the award for his contribution to the theoretical descriptions of surface physics and chemistry, catalysts, materials, nano structures and biomolecules. I'm amazed that such things even exist! To get the Carlsberg Foundation award to have to earn it and I am sure these two have for all their incredible work to improve the knowledge about areas like biology and physics. Their research finds are very important to the world. They both deserve the recognition. I'm deeply impressed. 

Mary shone like a diamond, a bright pink diamond, when she attended the evening in her stunning Valentino dress featuring lace and pleated details. The first time she wore the dress I fell in love with it and because a dress I hope we would see again. And we did on September 2nd! Who are not stunned by this wonder?! She wore it last year at a beautiful wedding between Søren Jessen and Flora Montgomery in Northern Ireland. The couple are good friends. When Mary was about to give her speech, the laud applause made her smile and with these words: "I haven't even said anything yet" she began her speech. To match the magnificent Valentino dress Mary wore glittering pumps from Gianvito Rossi and a Annikat silver cuff featuring diamonds. Two of the three diamond rings on her right hand are from Ole Lynggard. Then my guess is the bracelet on her left wrist could be from Danish jewellery brand Georg Jensen. I've found three styles, take a look at them and please tell me your thoughts. I really love to see some of these accessories again. Every time she wears them she convince me to wear my own clothes and accessories more often in new ways. This is my I think so many women are impressed by her style, why they adore it so much. The light natural make up and the nude nail polish were a great match to the rest of her outfit! About a week ago Mary cut her hair a few centimeters and now it's very clear that her hair has become a bit shorter. It was done in a half up do. As the Disney Princess she is, Mary chose to wear the most dazzling long earrings featuring diamonds such as powder pink jewellery stones. To complete the looks she wore a pink fold over clutch we have seen multiple times before at several occasions.

Do we understand why she get so much credit for this outfit? - We differently do!

Cuff: Annikat Wing Cuff
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Love Bands Ring in White Gold DKK 19,900 
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Glitter Pumps €293 (on sale)
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Aurora or Magic or Magic Bracelet?

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