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Two weeks, three books and a lot of royal news later I'm back from my vacation in Belgium and Germany! I hope you have had two wonderful weeks. Mine have been filled with summer, sun,  beautiful nature and celebrating my 20th birthday on August 9th. I missed so many royal things while I was away - I enjoyed my holiday but now I'm glad to be back with lots of great posts to you. So I really hope you're ready to see a couple year old royal news once again or maybe for the first time. This time you might read something you haven't read anywhere else or just with a little "Style of Mary-magic dust". 

Before I left Denmark to go to Belgium some more photos of Frederik, Mary and their lovely children had been published from their vacation at Gråsten Castle. By the way they stayed at Gråsten for three weeks and of course they are all back in Copenhagen again. The photos are pretty old because they were taken shortly after little Princess Josephine brook her left arm in a riding accident which happened within the first week; if I remember correctly. 

July 14th:
The first photos of the little family, I assume were taken from their annual trip to Lego Land in Billund not that far from the Castle. The kids always have so much fun, just like this year. Imagine a day as a child with your other siblings, mom and dad. Right, that's something makes me smile. I'm not a fan of the press following the royals when they are private but I have to admit that I still enjoy watching the photos. I fully respect they need some privacy. We do not need to see what they are doing every second of the day all year. So this day Mary showed her new bordeaux SAND Copenhagen blouse, identified by Ida, for the first time. Who would have thought we should see this wonder again with a matching skirt?! She wore amazing new and old goodies. A few years ago (at a previously visit to Lego Land back in 2013) Mary wore what I believe is a skirt, similar to these black lace shorts. It was found at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Her shorts could be from Marc Jacobs but after a closer look the skirt and shorts does not have the exact same lace work. So it's still at mystery.  Take a look at the link from her wearing it previously and the link of the skirt below and tell me what you think. Pernille my fantastic reader made me aware that this time she wearing shorts. Hope this makes a little sense to you. After all her look was simple, comfortable and practical. The powered pink sneakers featuring a white sole has also been use by her before, when Mary and her oldest daughter Princess Isabella visited Samsø on June 6th 2015, for the Princesses first official event. I haven't been able to identify them yet. Several shoe- and clothes designers are selling model similar to Mary's and I have no good picture of them to identify the sneakers. You are more than welcome to tell me about your suggestions! She topped of her outfit with her old Chanel pearl shades, the gold Orit Elhanati twisted necklace and the stylish caramel brown Ralph Lauren bag. You see how simple it is to create a royal summer outfit? - A printed blouse, a black A-line skirt, modern sneakers and your favourite shades. That's it!

Sunglasses: Chanel Black Pearl Sunglasses
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300
Blouse: SAND Copenhagen Bella Blouse DKK 1,400
Bag: Ralph Lauren Soft Ricky Bag $2500
Skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Lace Skirt??

July 18th:
The following pictures of the four royal's I haven't seen until today! I love to find and see new photos of course also to admire her clothes and I was so thrilled to see her in the multi colour maxi-dress from Free People again. Mary just wear a dress like this beautifully. The first time we saw her in the Free People dress was back in 2013 at the annual photo shoot at Gråsten Castle. My guess would be that she's wearing some pair of ballet flats which we can't see because of the length of the dress. That would be a great match for a summer outfit in Denmark. Mary was wearing shades from Dolce & Gabanna and might also be wearing the Orit Elhanati gold necklace. The shades she has been wearing a not lately to any sort of outfit, latest at the special performance in the Opera on July 4th - you recall her in the pink Prada dress? Something I hardly forget.

Just want to mention that Princess Josephine is wearing such a cute ruffle dress inherited from her older sister Princess Isabella who wore the exact same dotted dress in 2011

Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175 £204
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace DKK 10,300

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