Special Performance in the Opera

Saturday, July 4

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a special performance and dinner in the Opera on the occasion of Hempel's 100th anniversary. 

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Sometimes it doesn't matter how many pictures you can find of her when she's on an event but this time it makes me frustrated... First of all, they are attending a special performance in the Opera in Copenhagen and later a dinner, so there is an unofficial dress coat which means a suit for Frederik and a knee/floor-lenght dress/gown for Mary. Second, there is a chance Mary would be wearing extravagant jewellery and accessories. You might always realized that there are not many photos from this very special occasion, which makes me wonder. A special occasion like this should get much attention from the press because of the appearance of the Crown Prince Couple. And my prayers have been heard!

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Almost every single time Mary is somewhere I am always amazed by her elegance, her look, her manners and not to forget glowing personality. I think we all imagine a princess to wear a huge pink tulle dress with shiny eyes, a dazzling smile and tiara on the head, just like any Disney princess. Despite Mary did not wore a huge gown or one of her tiaras, she made me think of fairy tale princess in her 2004 Fall Prada pleated dress featuring a white hemline on the skirt. If I'm correct this will be the fifth time:
  1. 2004, Summer Ballet at Bellevue Theatre 
  2. Around 2006 at a christening
  3. 2008, Royal Lifeguard 350th anniversary
  4. 2013, Day 3 on a visit to Malaysia
To this wonderful Prada dress she added a few jewellery; a pair of very beautiful earrings featuring diamonds and two different jewellery stones - so feminine - worn at several occasions before this one and then we have the pretty and very expensive Piaget diamond necklace. Back in 2013 when attending the presentation of the Carlsberg Foundations Research Award she wore it the first time with a electric blue suit, a more modern look then yesterdays feminine outfit. When they arrived by boat from Amalienborg to the Opera she was wearing a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, so chick! The clutch she wore at the special performance in the opera was as the dress from Prada. Back in 2012 she showed it when she attended Save a mother's life at mothers day and finally I can tell who the designer is of her shoes. After a long time I found a picture show her feet and I'm pretty sure Gianvito Rossi is the designer.

For a long time I haven't made the 'Royal Style' tips but now it's time again because Mary showed something interesting with yesterdays outfit. The combination with the rather long Piaget diamond necklace and the pretty large V-neck on the Prada dress makes her upper body seems much longer - this is a great tip for those of you who think you have a short upper body. 

Dress: Prada Pleated Silk Dress
Necklace: Piaget Possession Long Necklace £13,400
Clutch: Prada
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi rose pink pointed toe pump 
                                             Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana DG4175 £204

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  1. Lovely to see her wearing a dress she have worn on other occasions!

    1. With this dress Mary show that it's possible to wear the same clothes more then once and look different every time! ;)