Photography at Gråsten Castle

Saturday, July 25

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the annual summer photography at Gråsten Castle with they four children. 1

A day I have been waiting for is finally here - the annual photo shooting of the present royal family who's on vacation at Gråsten Castle in Jutland. I hoped to see Prince Joachim and Princess Marie with their children also but I assume that they are on holiday somewhere in the wide world. The daughter of Princess Benedikte, Princess Alexandra, and her husband as well as her two children Count Richard and Countess Ingrid did also stay at Gråsten these days. The disappointment would have been greater if Frederik and Mary did not participate. It is the epitome of summer for me, the annual summer photos. The weather is pretty bad in Denmark these days and the family also had to postpone the meeting with the press because of the rainy weather. But I am still optimistic, rainy days are also beautiful. The weather certainly had not ruined the mood of the royal family. The children had fun and the adults seemed to have had a great time as well.

To you who are interested, I can tell who were present today:
- Queen Margrethe & Prince Henrik
- Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary
- Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent & Princess Josephine
- Princess Alexandra & Count Jefferson
- Count Richard & Countess Ingrid

The first thing I noticed when I saw the first pictures from today, was that everyone was dressed in colours that matched! Everyone of them matched. In orange, blue, pink and white. If I were you I'd take a second look at the pictures where we see all of them. A considered choice. Princess Josephine, with her broken arm, was dressed in a orange and green Poppy Rose dress which was identified by Kate and Lurdes. Thanks for being so attentive! Her hair was in a sweet french side braid, Princess Isabella had a similar hairstyle. If you like it as much as I do, I have found this guide to you. Have fun! When we talk about the wonderful young lady Princess Isabella, she was in a fantastic white lcd dress from Little Remix, also identified by Kate. She was also the one who found out Prince Vincent is wearing a Pili Carrera shirt.

I love that Frederik and Mary was wearing similar colours; white and navy blue. I know that some of you had a wish, to see her in a short dress today. I was actually hoping for something long because Mary looks so good in long dresses or in this case skits. It's not the first time at the annual photo shoot she's wearing maxi-clothes. Last year, 2014, she was in a maxi-dress by Ganni and in 2012 in a dress from Free People. Today she changed the dress to a maxi skirt featuring a slit maybe identified as By Malene Birger thanks to Reines & PrincessesZara is the designer of the new white lace blouse identified by Kate. Thanks for taking the time to find this! Funny that it's much easier to find the kids clothes then Mary's. The jewellery I can tell you about or some of them. Two of her necklaces are from Orit Elhanati and Marianne Dulong. The silver necklace with the pendant could be a gift from when she visited Ethiopia in February. Her silver diamond ring is from Ole Lynggaard and the golden leaf is seen several times before and is from I'm Jewel. Anni Lu is her bracelets.

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Blouse: Zara Lace Blouse DKK 159 (on sale)
Skirt: By Malene Birger Severa Pleated Silk Crepe de Chine Maxi Skirt £170.55 (on sale)
Necklace: Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Necklace: Marianne Dulong Atlantic
Ring: Ole Lynggaard Love Bands DKK 19,900
Ring: I'm Jewel Sage $1,525
Bracelets: Anni Lu Bracelets 

Dress: Litte Remix JR Lay Dress DKK 450 (on sale)

Dress: Poppy Rose Ghita Dress €42.90 (on sale)

Shirt: Pili Carrera Checkered Shirt

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