#MRLoveMyHair with Madison Reed!

This post is made in collaboration Madison Reed! I am so thrilled. I love to collaborate with such companies, it makes a normal post much more exciting to both read and write. Madison Reed is all about hair and hair care. They also have a specific mission; to make personal care more personal. In their opinion this is done by re-developing the hair colour industry with innovative and technology-enabled hair care and colour product. Doesn't sounds good? They support you every step of the way to make your hair look its best  and let you fell fantastic. Madison Reed offer a little more glamour in your everyday! Just what any woman need. The company work with five things: Courage, Trust, Love, Responsibility & Joy.  

I'm focusing on their very interesting hair-o-scope. My first impression was: what on earth is a hair-o-scope?! You might think the same right now that wouldn't surprise me at all. Still, this hair-o-scope-thing sounded exciting and I just had to know more about it. Have I also aroused your curiosity? Then keep reading. Before you keep reading I have to tell you that is might only be for you who find interested in the astrological signs and their meaning. The twelve zodiac signs have also been a great passion for me and in the combination with hair, well it does not get any better for me. The thing is that Madison Reed have developed their own horoscope for hair. So dependent on which zodiac you are, Madison Reed give you the best tip for a good hair day. And who does not want to have good days every day? I found it very entertaining and instructive to read more about my own zodiac in the hair-o-scope. You find them all here.

This is a blog about Crown Princess Mary therefore I decided, with Madison Reed's permission, to show her hair-o-scope and I got the chance to talk about her hair as well. It all depend on when you are born. Mary was born on January 5th so her astrological sign is: Aquarius (January 20 to February 18). 

Hair-o-Scope for Aquarius: 

"Oh airy Aquarius, how we envy your cool confidence, comic prowess, and knack for new technology. Your open-mindedness has earned you a loyal crew that loves basking in your fun-loving company and they can usually find you marching in protest of injustice (if you're not communing with nature in the mountains)."

" We know you love to keep up with the latest gadgets and trends, so experiment with a daring 'do. Make a statement with a dramatically darkened hair. Or, play up that cute smile with an edgy pixie that frames your face with fluttery tendrils."

Hair colour like Mary by Madison Reed:

This is Madison Reed's hair-o-scope for Crown Princess Mary! To sum up; Mary has brown hair sometimes pretty dark, her hair is always voluminous & flowing free that's how we see her most of the time. She's open-minded and confident as well as smiley. The above suggested hair colours is some I have found to match the colour of Mary. Right now hers are a mix between blonde, brown and some red. Actually Madison Reed have made their own hair dye advisor, so if you would like hair as Mary you now have my suggestions, you can find them on your own right here or use the hair dye advisor if you're looking for some completely else. I had fun finding my 'new ideal' colour and another great thing is when you have done this little questionnaire, your answers are saved to later and they advise you when looking for you new colour! Can we ask for more? I hope you had as much fun as me reading and learning about this. I thank Madison Reed for the chance to share their thoughts with all of you. So hurry up and find your next hairstyle with your hair-o-scope!

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