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If you are follower of this blog you probably have a passion for fashion, Crown Princess Mary and are a interested in how to dress decent. One of the reasons why I started Styleofmary is because I love the way Mary dresses; she knows who to look good and embrace what she has, like long slim legs or a petite upper body and a beautiful face. It's all about finding the clothes, shoes and accessories that fits your body and more important personality. When to choose clothes you everyday and work also decide what you should wear. I have a very classic style with feminine items that last for a long time. I love to buy a skirt or blouse I know is trendy five years later. By that I do not only wear black, white and grey. Well, I decided to make this post because I want to share some fashion-tips and tricks with you as seen on Mary. I know may of you are inspired by her, just like me, and with some simple basic rules you can easily build a wardrobe like Mary's. To find some basic items are essential to fashionable wardrobe. By looking at Mary you find out that a few essentials can create several amazing outfits which makes you feel comfortable when you wear it. To me it is important to give the message to find clothes that suits your body such as personality and not to forget something that makes you feel good! 

1. Embrace your figure!
The first thing is to find out how you body look, what shapes does it have? We are not all alike, every single human look different and that's great! By finding your body type, it will be much easier to find clothes that fit and highlights your benefits. I have spend year on finding the one like mine and I'm a classic pear-shape. It's hard work to be well-dressed. Four typical body figures are hourglass, pear, apple and straight. You find a great article about female figures here. The article are illustrated with pictures. We have a tendency to dress like everybody else because we think we have the same figure, that's not always right. Find your own and love it!

2. Remember your personality
The body figure is the first step, then it's important to remember who you are, personality, what you work with, how is your everyday and what style do you like. If you're a bit old fashioned then by lot of fashion magazines and cut everything out you like to find the things you love. If you're more in to using technology then Pinterest is a great choice - I've become a little addicted. Pinterest is also great to give you ideas for your figure. Take a look what you chose. Now you know what suits you and what you like, time to combine. This is not something you learn right away but practice makes a master! You're passion for fashion allow you to learn. 

3. Wear clothes that makes you feel good
The headline says it all. To me this is so important, I love to see women wearing clothes that makes them feel good and it is so clear to see when they do. When you feel good in what you wear it automatically makes you look more confident. Who does not want to look more confident? It all depend on who you are and what you like. Personally I feel good wearing stretch clothes and vintage dresses.

I hope some of this will help you and give you inspiration to use some time on yourself, because that's important sometimes, and that you find out that with the right basic wardrobe whatever you are Crown Princess Mary or not you deserve some glamour! Let me know you miss anything or want me to help you in the jungle of inspiration. Have fun!

The black trousers

Black trousers are the perfect item despite the monotone colour. The thing about basic items is that most of them are in black, white, grey, blue, powder pink or caramel. These piece makes it possible for you to create any outfit you like and in the combination with a bright print or casual accessory you can dress for your style. In April Mary showed her long slim legs in black trousers and actually has she been wearings this basic item quite a lot lately. You can match any blouse or jacket to a pair of black trousers. I never owned black trousers but one day I fell in love with a pair and I haven't regretted it. I wear them day and night. Mary both have them with wide and slim legs, low and high-waisted.
* Pieces * Cameo The Label * Topshop * J. Brand * Eileen Fisher *

The classic blazer

Who says that a basic blazer has be black or white? If I had to choose I would say everyone should have at least one blazer in a suitable colour for their skin and hair colour. This item is inspired by the male wardrobe but it work so well for women as well. To wear a blazer gives a outfit the last finish and is at the same time practical when the weather is as in Denmark - sunny but not warm. Wear a blazer over a dress, something we have seen so many times on Mary, or with trousers: printed or plain. You can find several different models, one to your shape. Some of them are straight, some with a peplum effect, long and short once. I'm a fan of blazer and keep buying new all the time. When you have one you find out how much you're going to love them. I need a white one like Mary's from Alexander McQueen! Or one with a leather trim.
* Mango * Selected * Romwe * Rotita * Pink Queen * Topshop *

The glamours coat

A coat is just so royal! Because with a coat you do not wear a jacket to keep you warm, a coat is elegant and the perfect basic item. In a caramel colour like Mary's you bring the coat to a all new level. In my opinion this can be worn by all body types you just need to find the exact model that suits you. This can only be done by you and some hours in a store. Try on different once and search for the one that looks great on you. A coat can be double breasted or single, have a belt or non, have a skirt or be straight. Give the time to find the right one because with a good basic outdoor you can dress fashionable and you don't have to be cold. Invest the time for a good basic wardrobe.
* Topshop * Chicwish * Rosewe * Mango * Yoins *

The simple pumps

Stilettos are known to embrace the beauty in women. Add a pair of pumps and your outfit is transformed! It takes its woman to wear high heels all the time but sometimes we just have to suffer to be well-dressed. To wear pumps or heeled sandals makes you body look more straight and you walk completely different with more elegance. They make your legs longer. Depended on your legs length and figure you can find the right shoes to your shape. Out there you can find guides to help you find those you should wear. Because of my hight (159 cm) I could wear high shoes all the time without no one noticed it. But I don't. High heeled shoes is ideal if you want to spice your look. Pumps in beige, black and navy are essential for your basic wardrobe! That is something Mary knows all about. She has a huge collection of shoes.
* Madden Girl * LuLu's * Topshop * Duffy * L.K. Bennett * Dorothy Perkins *

The indispensable shades

Shades you can live without. To find the right sunglasses is as hard as finding the right clothes. Do me favor try on different once and find those how looks good on you. Just like dresses you can get shades in all sizes, colours etc. Mary is a fan of wearing pretty large shades with leopard print from both Chanel and Dolce & Gabanna. You can get much cheaper once! The shape of your head, your style and personally favourite are all things you need to consider when finding your next shades. The cat-eye shape is so trendy right now.
* A.J. Morgan * Ray-Ban * Le Specs * Vero Moda *

The handbag

Every woman need a handbag. Mary have plenty of them in all sizes and colours. One for each occasion. As any other accessory you just have to choose. If you are petite like me a huge handbag is not the best because then it looks like the bag is wearing you. So choose a handbag for your needs, style and body size. Remember every size has their benefits! When we talk about basic bags I have to mention that you also need some kind of clutch. The same rules as for everything else. A clutch is the woman's best friend these years. I have to admit I'm more a hand-shoulderbag type but I also have maybe too many clutches... The beige or caramel coloured bag is always trendy. Think about the beige Chanel bag Mary has; use the last 10 years and is still so fantastic!
* Mango * Romwe * Michael KorsTopshop * 

The practical cardigan

Mother and daughter in each their cardigan. Really, a cardigan isn't that exciting I hate to buy them because I can't find the exact right for me. I don't think my figure is very well placed in cardigan. Still I can't live without them. I don't know if you ever heard of the 3-piece outfit? Well, it's pretty simple - when to choose your outfit you match three items. That's what Mary and Princess Isabella did when Isabella was on her first royal job at Samsø. They made it work so well! I think the key to wear a cardigan in great way, is to match them in the same colour as your blouse or dress.
* H&M * Zara * Revolve * Chicwish * John Lewis * L.K. Bennett *

The little black dress

Actually we do not that often see Mary in a black dress, she prefer something more colourful. A more elegant and classic dress you can't find. The little black dress is loved by almost any woman in the wold, the possibility with this dress is uncountable. The little black dress was invented  by Coco Chanel one of the greatest designer in the history of fashion. How to dress up this classic item all depend on your style. Mary styled her with black and gold accessories, a very classic and chic match. Both for everyday and evening wear the dress can be styled with every colour, shoes, jewellery etc. Women need to have one of these! Find yours and dress it up with feminine, cool or elegant accessories!
* Manifiq&Co * Modcloth * Ivanka Trump * Topshop * Pink Queen * Aidan Mattox *

The signature jewellery

If your name is Mary and you are the Crown Princess of Denmark you love one specific pair of white pearl earrings. You guessed it, her gold and white pearl earrings designed by Marianne Dulong. A basic wardrobe does also include some choices about basic jewellery. To have some few items you can add whatever you're wearing. Mary's has to be these earrings. I think this are the pair of earrings she has worn most times. Basic jewellery are a bit more difficult for to me tip you about, because maybe you have a ring or necklace that means a lot to you - this will automatically be your specific jewellery to wear. To me jewellery are very personal and always have a history. But gold, silver and pearls are always trendy and is always in. You're never wrong with these three materials. A watch could also be your statement jewellery. Like all other basic items; allow yourself to invest in these things; just a little advise.
* Chan Luu * Kenneth Jay Lane * Swarovski * Nixon * Gorjana * Novica *

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