A Little Summer Reading

Not much are going on right now in the royal family, they are more or less all on vacation just like Mary and her family. I had an eye on her official calendar to find out where we can expect to see her again for an official event. Nothings yes planned for quite some months, we just have to wait. Many of you might already be back from your vacation, mine are just about to start! Within the next few days I'm going on vacation this year to Belgium. I have never been there and I really look forward to experience the culture, eat food I never heart off and visit all the beautiful places. Maybe I get the change to get a glimpse of the King and Queen? These days I'm wondering around the house to find all my things to pack. I'm going on camping, so lots of books, dresses and shorts are in my suitcase. Books are almost the most important thing for me, these I simply can't forget. It is it is the epitome of holiday for me. 

I'll be away for about two weeks and I hope you'll take care of the royal world while I'm away if something happen. Because I'll not be here I decided to share some royal reading with you. Reading is a huge part of life. I love to read about not only royals but also vintage, fashion, knitting, hairdos, history etc. So now I will share other royal blogs with you. I did the same around two years ago, now I think it's time again for some sharing and because there's so many great blogs out there! Since my first post thousands of new blogs have been started. These blogs deserve some credit and attention. It's blogs I'm in contact with or would love to have. They do a fantastic job and I admire their work. 

Have a wonderful summer and happy reading!

The owner of this royal blog about the Danish royals have become a very good friend of mine and he always manage to find and post about all the new things. The blog is one big photo album. You find great uptodate posts on the royal especially Frederik and Mary. Its owner do a great job with one of the most known royal blogs!

This blog got it all! With the focus on royal's from Denmark to Spain Reines & Princesses is a blog to  pay a visit. It's one of my personal favourites and I love to quote the blog. The last years the owner have also been focusing on fashion and fashion I.D's. So this is the perfect blog to follow if you love fashion and royals as much as I do. No matter what royal you like you find something about them here. 

I recently discovered Tiara Mania and I have been in love with it right since. Filled with information, history and not to forget tiara's! With a passion for old royal tiara's the blogger decided to share it with the rest of the world. You find information and photos of royal tiara's from all over the world. It has been very helpful to me in my search of history of the royal headpieces. 

A few years ago I found this incredible blog about Mary. It is following her chronological from her first steps in Denmark. I'm a fascinated follower! On the blog you find old and almost lost pictures of Mary. If you do not already know it then you do yourself a favor and do it now!

I'm sure you can't find a more helpful and fantastic woman than the owner of Tesouras & Tiaras! She's always a great help and a good friend. She has group on Facebook with great success but her blog is also worth a visit. As she writes: "A place of winder (and reflection) for all royals thing!" She's from Portugal and is about to be married on the same day as Frederik and Mary. Her story you'll get the chance to read right her at Styleofmary somewhere in the future. 

The go-to place for all royal new. Many or almost everyone of you know about this site because I happen to mention it once in a while and because as you know I work there. Still, I think you need to know about them if you don't already. Every royal person in the world are gathered here. You get updated articles every day with some of the greatest pictures from amazing photographers. They also have great blogger's from all over the world. 

Johanna have this fantastic (!) fashion blog. Johanna writes about the royal's fashion and helps identified much of what they are wearing. More than once I have been mentioned in her posts and for that I'm very grateful. Her blog deserve credit and I'm sure you are going to like -love- it as much it as I do. 

A world of sparkling jewellery! As you now I'm fascinated by history and here you have a site all about royal jewellery. Everything from tiara's to large diamonds. It is so inspiring to read and see the jewels worn by both present- and contemporary royal family members. You enter a new world when you visit The Court Jeweller. 

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor
If you are a royalist I'm sure you already know about this blog and if not well then it's time. This is the blog to visit when you need to know anything and everything about royal things - everything from everyday activity to glamorous jewellery posts. For me, it is always exciting to stop by the blog and read what's new. The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor do a great job! Simple, classic & foreseeable.

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  1. Enjoy your holiday Henriette, you deserve it!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah!
      I'm really looking forward to get some days off :)

  2. Thank you so much about your kind words about my blog! Yours is also a great reference for me and I check it almost everyday :) You're doing a very good job!!
    Enjoy your holidays in Belgium! Mine will be in two weeks in Spain!
    Best regards


    1. You are very much welcome Ccile! You do a great job and deserve credit for it. A privilege for me to talk about your blog.

      I wish you a fantastic holiday in Spain! I've been there once, one word - incredible! ;)

  3. Thank you so much dear Henriette!! Your admiration is mutual. Have a great vacations!! I'm keeping on my wedding plans.

    Lu, T&T

    1. You are very much welcome Lu! I love your work and you deserve the credit <3
      Look forward to hear more about all your wedding plans! :)