A Day at Gråsten Castle

Friday, July 24

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are on vacation with their four children at Gråsten Castle and today they viewed the guard change.

Now it's time for a real post. Yesterday I had been doing the post about Mary's basic wardrobe, which I hope you like. As you know I have a special love for this vacation. It has become kind of a tradition for the present royal family to view the guard change at Gråsten. I remember when Princess Isabella was only a few years old, she was wearing a red dress and had a red ballon. It ran off and a guard caught it and handed it over to her. Out came the most sweet pictures! Now she's older but still as sweet. Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik are back from their trip to Greenland to spend some time with their family at the old haunting castle. I've seen some pictures from the visit and I really think they had a good time.

Frederik and Mary seems to have a great holiday in Denmark with their four children. I like the fact that they are protecting the children from the press. Then it's lovely to see them with mom and dad. Now I might sound old but to see the kids grow up is fantastic. Prince Christian is now a young man similar to his dad just like his brother Prince Vincent a more shy little guy with his blond hair. The two boys were both in shirts and shorts like Frederik. Vincent probably wore a shirt from Poppy Rose. Their sister Princess Isabella is already a young lady with her mothers taste in clothes. I'm sure Mary help her but girl's in her age are already independent and want to make their own choices. Princess Isabella wore a Poppy Rose blouse and a Norlie skirt. Noticed that the two girl's are wearing the same sandals! To me Princess Josephine looks the most like Mary when she was a child. Wonderful kids! I want to add a thing, I don't know if you have interest in the girl's clothes as well but I think it's a little funny to find and share it with you. 

Once again Mary surprises my with her clothes. It was love at first sight! The new skirt and top feature an amazing print. My wish have been heard! With the help from an fantastic reader, Ida, I now know that her very popular set is from the Danish brand SAND Copenhagen!! Thank you so much Ida for your help, it's very much appreciated. I would love to own the set as well. Bordeaux is one of my favourite colour and it's so modern and stylish. I think it could be a set you either like or hate. What is your opinion? Online I haven't yet found her matching set but I found a dress and blouse with the same pattern. She matched her beige Tod's wedges with the new floral set. The hair looks so casual, something I would like to learn. My hair has a tendency to be straight whatever I do. Some day I'll know the trick! She added a few pair of jewellery to the outfits. The necklace has been worn by her before and I still think it's created by the Danish jewellery designer Charlotte Lynggaard from Ole Lynggaard. She was also wearing two bracelets which I'm sure are from Anni Lu and one new from jewellery designer Charlotte Wæhrens. Thanks to Pernille & Kate to let me know about this!

I look forward to see the family again tomorrow at the annual photography at Gråsten Castle. Maybe we'll also see Prince Joachim and Princess Marie with their children, I hope so.

Blouse: SAND Copenhagen Bala Blouse DKK 1,400
Skirt: SAND Copenhagen Norma Skirt DKK 1,300
Necklace: Ole Lynggaard Medallion Pendant DKK 17,500
Bracelets: Anni Lu Mess Army Bracelet + Fun Bracelet Army DKK 299
Bracelet: Charlotte Wæhrens Rainbow Bracelet w. Saphires
Wedges: Tod's Suede Peep-Toe Wedges DKK 3,010 


Blouse: Poppy Rose Page Top DKK 240 (on sale)
Skirt: Norlie Dots Skirts DKK 139 (on sale)


Shirt: Poppy Rose White Benjamin Shirt DKK 399 (on sale)?

5 kommentarer:

  1. Great idea to identify the girls' clothes as well, nice to know. They are future fashionistas after all :)

    1. I just know that multiple people are interested to know and I have fun telling about it. Good to know you like it ;)

  2. The clothes are from the Danish brand Sand. I have not ben able to find it online. But I have the top, so I know :-)

    1. Thank you so much Ida! I have been look with desperate eyes to find her matching set. It has become quite popular - I adore it! :) I have a question to ask: would you mind share a picture of the blouse with me? If so please send it to my email henriette4-hini@live.dk
      Once again, thanks! You made my day ;)