The loss of a dear friend

It is with sadness in my voice and heart I write this. Yesterday I was given the news that one of my dearest friends, Boryana Nesheva, passed away. Me and Boryana have known each other for quite some years because of our shared passion for royals and fashion. This brought of together. We have had such great moments together. The royal world will not the the same without her. I already miss sharing fashion news with her, finding pictures of jewellery and have a chat with her. Even though I have never had the chance to met Boryana in person, she was very close to me. She gave the everyday a sparkle and made one smile. She was a very thoughtful and caring woman, whom which I'll miss so much in my work with the royals and personally. I know I'm not the only one to miss her. 

The thing is; when you're a royalist you tend to hide it from the people close to you because they might not understand why you feel such passion and when you enter the community with hundreds of other royal-lovers you become close to these people and they come close to you. Like a family. Or at least that's how I feel. This I why the loss of Boryana feels like losing a family member to me, it is just not the same without her. I'm so sure she would want us to keep up our passion and enlarge the family. She had the greatness of gathering members together to share their fascination with each other. 

Boryana had the illness muscle dystrophy and it came as a shock to all of us because she was actually getting better. But a little sickness did this to her. Unfortunately, people having muscle dystrophy are not allow to live that long. If any of her family members will every read this, I want them to know I fell with them such as many others. She was a terrific girl!

Because this news was given to me yesterday evening, I decided to light a candle and give her a minute of silence in memory of a dear and loved friend. With all my heart I hope you'll show her the last moment of respect and maybe light a candle for her like I did. Thanks. 


  1. So sad news, I feel so unhappy to read this. Boryana I pray and hope that you have peace and contentment, I'm sure that you somewhere still will follow Princess Mary and that you will guide this nice blog.

  2. sorry to hear this sad news Henrietta. hope her soul rests in peace. stay strong


  3. So sorry to hear that you have lost a dear friend Henriette.

  4. I'm sure Boryana would have appreciated your thoughtfulness. Thanks to all of you.

  5. Boryana will be with you every time, smiling as she watches you post here and all your Royalista activities :) God bless to you both, from Australia.

    1. It's appreciated that so many thinks about her, I know she would have been honored. I'll always have Boryana with me in my work with the royals.

  6. This is really a very nice post.