Our Crown Princess Mary Obsession #6

We still have a few obsession posts left. I want you to know, those of you who have participated and those who have been reading, that it has been a truly pleasure for me to be the one to write your stories. To get to know all of you and your Crown Princess Mary fascination. Even though there's no more for me to write you are always welcome to write your story because I'll be more than delighted to share it right here! This time we hear from Chris. Take good care of her, she's an amazing woman! 
Chris, please tell of a little about yourself and how did your fascination began?

"I was born in 1954 with a special form of asthma. In that time the medication was not like it is today. I could no always play and run with my friends, I sat at home and cutting photo's from the magazines and newspaper photos of the royal family. As a child I loved the glamour and the glitter and the fairy tails. I pasted the photo's in a scrapbook and that's how it all began." She tells that even though the medication got better through the years, she kept the childhood interest in cutting and pasting such as a new interest: "... I also started to interest me in the history of these royals family's." 
'Like a dream' -this is how Chris describes this gown

What about the interest in Crown Princess Mary, how did all that start?

"There were always new princess' so I could go on collecting but in 2004 Crown Princess Mary came into my life..." Chris have a very special memory of a specific day of Mary when she wasn't married to Crown Prince Frederik yet: "... I never forget the day her hat blow away, she wasn't married yet - she was so beautiful, so natural and elegant. Now, years later she still is." Crown Princess Mary is also a great inspiration for Chris especially when she is out shopping: "I don't have skirts or dresses like Mary's but when I'm going to shop I will always think - What would Mary wear?" I don't think Mary and her style will ever go out of date, I'm 20 years old and her style is as great an inspiration to me as many of you might find her.

How do you treat this obsession, by that I mean how has this become an obsession to you?

"Today I don't use notebook's anymore. I've scanned a lot of it and not I download most of it and I will keep on doing this..." The next thing Chris tells is something I really know anything about. In my first obsession post #1 I told you about my own personal story, you might remember that I told you about all my magazines and one more thing - all my folders. I have plenty of them and actually I'm not the only one, go on reading right here: "... I have maps with Mary's shoes, a map with her dresses etc. - to be honest I also have maps about the other royals as well." Yeah, I'm not the only one!

The AICHA clutch is Chris' favourite!

Chris had a really good friend who bought several things to her when she was in Denmark and then she discovered Style of Mary. "Years ago I had a friend and she was so in love with a Danish man and 2 or 3 times a year she went to Denmark to see him and then I gave her some money to buy me magazines and newspapers. I did not understand a single word but I had all the photo's of Mary and her events." That's a thing I have heard so many times from most of you, you would so much like to be able to read Danish or just understand it. Well go for it! It is a pretty hard language to learn but nothing is impossible. The great thing is that many news about the royal's and Mary is on english because of the internet. It's possible for us to reach the entire world with the english language. 

You mentioned my blog; what does Style of Mary mean to you?

Style of Mary have brought me so much joy which I hope is the case for all of you as well. Chris have I known for quite some time. The truth is, when you enter the world of royalty you become a part of a wonderful community and quickly you get so know so many different and sweet people. I never imagined that I would know so many amazing people. "I don't know exactly when I discovered this blog Styleofmary... I was so happy because of all the information's and all the links. In Belgium there is not so much info about Crown Princess Mary and her family, so I was very happy when I found Styleofmary. She was and still is my favourite princess." An opinion she shares with most of us.  "... I love the way Mary is dresses, it is possible for us to get dressed the same stylish way. I have the same feeling with the Duchess of Cambridge."
Chris love the Lotus earrings!

Some call of crazy, does your loved once say the same about you?

"Martin (Chris' husband) and I have been together for the last 30 year. When we got to know each other I had stacks of scrapbooks and books everywhere! At first he though it was a bit strange hobby to have but he let me continue with my beloved hobby, without any comments - he had to ha ha! 

... And we have to keep up our passion not matter what everybody else thinks or say!
Do you have anything you wish to do with your Mary-obsession?

"I really want to go for a visit to Copenhagen next year with the hope to get the chance to see Mary myself!" 

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