New York: Forbes 40 Summit on Philanthropy

Monday to Wednesday, June 1-3

Crown Princess Mary attended as patron of the Mary Foundation the Forbes 400 Summit on  Philanthropy in New York, USA from June 1 to 3th. This year the conference focus on philanthropy and global health.

Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy? 
The project are focusing on global healthcare on philanthropy, those who believe in market-based, permanent solutions in the question of large scale social issues. The world's most powerful people are gathered to critical discus the use of charity might be able to solve the most intractable problems.

Unbelievable that our Crown Princess, our Mary, are a part of all this?! She deserves to be for her great work with the Mary Foundation. It's a huge responsibility for her to take part in all this but I'm sure she'll handle it well and make us proud. Without drawing any attention, not even from the world-press, she has the last few days been in New York. The reason why I haven't already made a post for you guys, is simply because no pictures have been published - until now. Two photos, seems like they have been taken with a phone camera. I'm not sure when it was taken but at the time she was wearing her almost new white Prada (Spring/Summer 2015) dress, worn at the time King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands were on a official visit to Denmark a few months ago, you might remember it.

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