Inauguration with the Danish Swimming Federation

Monday, June 22

Crown Princess Mary attended, as patron of the Danish Swimming Federation (Dansk Svømmeunion), the inauguration of a new lifeguard tower at Tversted beach. Crown Princess Mary had with her, her new lady-in-waiting Christine Pii Hansen. 1

It was a smily Crown Princess who arrived to Tversted beach in the North of Jutland with her new lady-in-waiting, Christine Pii Hansen. Have to say she looks like a really sweet woman. I look forward to see her next to Mary in the future. Don't you? Mary also gave some time to talk to many of the Danes who had come to see her and a few of them even got the chance to have a picture with her. This is really why I love her so much, she often only have one hour to do all this when she's on a job and still she takes the time to talk to and meet people. Lately I think her style has change a bit, nothing bad about that I still like what she's wearing and how. Am I the only one who's having this thought? Think about the white and golden look from the Reumert Award 2015 yesterday - her looks are more modern with less accessories. 

Her skiny legs was wearing plain black trousers, I have a similar pair and wear them all the time they match everything and it's great for both your everyday outfit and evening. Mary is also a fan of black trousers and I recommend that you purchase a pair. When you have them you gonna love them. She added a brand new blouse with the sweet print of strawberries! Me and several other Mary-lovers haven't been able to identify the designer of her new blouse so I think we need your help now. Look forward to hear your ideas so we're able to find the right one. The navy blue jacket has been seen before and is still without identification. She has a similar one from Moncler. Her powder pink earrings is an old model made by Marianne Dulong. When it became cold a the beach she grabbed her wonderful light brown poncho. We saw her in it when she and the family visited Greenland 2014

I was a bit surprised when I saw her new shoes, not sure I like them. The width white sole I totally a no-go for me. Reminds me too much of 80s platform shoes. They are differently new and maybe they are from By Malene Birger? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

To swim is a wonderful thing, in the big blue ocean. It's a thing we all need to know how to do and that's why it's important we have some to take care of us if anything should happen when we're out for a swim. A few months ago Mary attended the opening of the new project Everyone Should Learn to Swim in Kildeskovhallen also in collaboration with the Danish Swimming Federation. Therefor we need lifeguards close to us when we are on the beach. The importance of the lifeguards is also the reason why Mary attended the inauguration of a new lifeguard tower at Tversted beach. With a bucket of sea water the new lifeguard are now open. The water replaced the champagne which usual are use when something like a boat is inaugurated by the royals. 

Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Shoes: By Malene Birger Cinca Sneakers DKK 1,699

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  1. the blouse could be Massimo Dutti. She loves that brand it seems like.


    1. You are right, Mary has been wearing Massimo Dutti several times - unfortunately not this time.