How to get an casual wardrobe like Mary's

The Crown Princess is known to be one of the best dressed women in the world. She is an inspiration to women all over the world with her great sense of style. Personally, she has been an fashion icon for many years. Her style is her own with a twist of the latest trend from Hollywood as well as Denmark. What makes her so stylish is the fact that she's wearing something she likes, clothes that suits her and one more important thing to remember is she is comfortable in what she's wearing. The clothes does to take over her wonderful smily personality. Mary has a style to admire. Well, yes she has a wardrobe with all the greatest designers, luxurious handbags, finest leather shoes and gold jewellery and still she's fighting for women and children in- and outside Denmark. As the Crown Princess of Denmark, Mary has a personal stylish who helps her with everything new and fashionable, but I'm pretty sure Mary would not wear something she does not love. I think she one of these women who will be remember for her sense of giving style its own meaning. When she's in public; her hair, skin, clothes and everything else are perfectly places so nothing goes wrong. You know, the hairstyle and flawless makeup will last the entire day with no single change. I would love to know these little tricks.

The reason for this post, if there should be any, is my passion and fascination for Mary's clothes not just any clothes -her casual everyday fashion. Not all of us have a personal stylist or job to wear the same as a Crown Princess does. Therefor I have picked out some of her everyday outfits, which I love and uses as inspiration. I hope you'll enjoy reading this and that it gives you inspiration for your next outfit. Maybe you will find yourself dressed just like Mary when you leave the house tomorrow. Let the admiration begin!

This was taken one of my favourite time a year, when the entire royal family are on a little vacation at Gråsten Castle. Then we get a little sneak peak in how the family act when they are a little more private. Last year Mary surprised many of us with a blue turquoise maxi dress and despite the sunny weather it featured long sleeves, in a shear fabric. The dress was found at Ganni. To a dress like this Mary wore brown leather sandals from Prada, a long necklace from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and her Marrakech-inspired earrings from Louise Grønlykke.

2013 was a big year for Princess Isabella because the 6 year old Princess began in school. At her first day at Tranegård school on August 13th, she stepped out in front of Amalienborg Palace, a little nervous, with her proud mom and dad. This is also a great example of how Mary dresses a little more privately. This far you can get with just a lace blouse -hers is from Isabel Marrant, a pair of black trousers, a few jewellery and snake printed pumps -Mary chose hers from Christian Louboutin. They gave her casual look, the last touch. 

With Frederik and the two oldest children, Mary attended the Olympic Games in London in 2012. Even though it was an official event, the family was there in a more private errand. Only in a short time a day they were followed by the press, so maybe it is only a semi-everyday outfit. She showed so many wonderful looks during the stay in London and this is one of my favourites. A casual outfit, some accessories and it went from casual to Princess-stylish. The old goodie of a white and red Strenesse dress was in the combination with the navy blue Zara jacket and the brown pointed pumps . A great outfit to try. With only white pearl earrings, this would work so well as work wear.

Pregnant with the twins in 2010 Mary attended the annual Hubertus Hunt Rave in Dyrehaven near Copenhagen. This has been a tradition for the royal family to do for many years. Wearing warm green socks, Ralph Lauren boots and a Missoni poncho such as a grey turtleneck blouse, Mary and the twins were dressed perfectly for the family gathering. The reason for me to choose this outfit, is to show that winter wear does not have to be boring in plain colours. Match several colours and stand out like Mary did!

Mary attended a private birthday party at her friend Amber Petty in 2010, dressed wonderfully in a brown strapless jumpsuit. Mary is not often wearing jumpsuits. It shows that even though there's something you do not wear usually it is not abandon to do sometimes. With matching accessories, like the bronze Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps, they make her legs seems longer, filigree earrings and a leopard Prada clutch. Less is more!

Crown Princess Victoria married Daniel Westling in 2010 and the Crown Princess of Denmark Mary also attended. She arrived with Prince Christian to Stockholm for a rehearsal because Christian was about to take part in the ceremony, as his mother Mary did of course attend the rehearsal dressed magnificent in a white pencil skirt, a coloured tunica and her snake print Christian Louboutin pumps. I could see this as a everyday look and as the perfect work wear. With a brown leather bag, caring all your belongings and a long necklace you don't need anymore accessories. At the arrival she wore long white trousers, which will do as well. 

Despite the rain, she was stunning dressed when she attended a private dinner for his father-in-laws 75th birthday. The outstanding Hugo Boss dress in the lovely A-shape with the most amazing beige accessories. By adding a large brown belt and Miu Miu peep-toe pumps to the look, she was really looking all sophisticated and polished. A patent beige Prada handbag and her beige Burberry trench coat and she was ready to take the scene in private. It is a feminine and still casual outfit. Differently worth for you to try. 

No doubt that 2008 and 2009 are the best years for Mary when it comes to clothes in my opinion. Really, I can't tell you why her style was very significant. Today, this is still her greatest time of inspiration for me. Here we have one of those looks that has inspired my the most. Frederik and her were on a trip to Australia with Christian and Isabella. She wore dark boot-cut jeans with suede navy blue wedges in the same blue colour as her cardigan. With simple gold Marianne Dulong earrings she finished off her Australian-look! Let this be the last picture to inspire you. 


  1. Do you know anything about the blouse she's wearing in Australia? I know she's worn it around 4 other times between 07-09 but I can't find anything on it.

    1. Thanks for reaching out to me with your question. Unfortunately I am not able to help you with this one. I have never been able to identify it. A qualified guess would be Hugo Boss.