Project Reach Out with the Psychiatry Foundation

Thursday, May 27

Crown Princess Mary, patron of the Psychiatry Foundation (Psykiatrifonden), visited the Reach Out bus and attended teaching for a school class about mental health and well-being. It took place at the Ruds Vedby school, Ruds Vedby.

What does the Psychiatry Foundation work with and what is the Reach Out project?
The Psychiatry Foundation (Psykiatrifonden) was founded in 1996 by consultant and former present of the fund, Jes Gerlach and Jens Elbirk also former president. Since 2005, Crown Princess Mary has been the patron of the Foundation. Their mission is to create a society were less people get a mental illness and were more people get a better life after the period of illness. Read more here.

The vision with the project Reach Out, created by the Fund, is to inform and learn the teachers to strengthen the students mental health from 5th to 9th class. The students parents are also a part of the project. Read more about the project here. 1
* 1

When she arrived to Ruds Vedby school, hundreds of happy children waved and was thrilled to see Mary. Mary was handed over a red and white Danish flag, one just like all the children. According to Billed Bladet she expressed that the foundation is happy about the project and how it is able to help. When she attended the school lesson she was sitting among the students and as the students she showed great interest in learning about metal health. She also had a little chat with some the students.

At her day in Ruds Vedby she was dressed modern and simple with a white peplum blouse featuring a round Peter-Pan collar. Think we have seen it before? Well, it's still unidentified. The reused capri trousers is from the loved Hugo Boss. Last year on August 26th she visited the Mothers Help (Mødrehjælpen) at that day we saw her in the exact same trousers. When we talk about her trousers it's worth mentioning that the Spanish Queen Letizia has been seen in the same model. I suggested that her jacket might be Prada, that information came from Reines & Princesses. With a little more help and a good memory I can tell that the jacket is Prada and it was worn by her before. At that time I identified that jacket: at the Children's Relay last year, 2014. I'm still not sure about the wedges. They are told to be from L.K. Bennett but something seems wrong to me. Can't tell if it's the shape, heel or toe... I have linked to two different L.K. Bennett shoes and a pair from Bandolino (which I believe in).

Let me finish this post by asking you; Do you like this very simple outfit, her 'new' style? 

Jacket: Prada
Trousers: Hugo Boss Capri Pants
Shoes: L.K. Bennett Bayleen Suede Wedges 
L.K. Bennett Maddox Suede Wedges
Bandolino Transpose Wedges

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  1. I saw a picture once with the brand on the jacket (and it was Prada) but I can't find this picture again! If I'm able to find it I will send it to you!

    Ccile from Reines & Princesses

    1. A clever reader found the picture I think you make a reference to, on my own blog... I know, that's silly I couldn't remember that myself. She wore the jacket last year at the Free of Bullying project Children's Relay. I showed a picture of the label in to jacket, it says Prada ;)
      I added the link in the post.

      Now we just need to find it :)

    2. Yes I saw it on your own blog :)!
      Totally forgot it was you who ID it!! How crazy is that?lol

    3. Well, I even forgot I was the one who identified it :D So why should you be the one to remember it? ;)