Our Crown Princess Mary Obsession # 5

Sarah has chosen this photo to be her favourite recent family photo from a vacation in Verbiér. 

Once again it's time to get to know one more Crown Princess Mary fan! As always I'm thrilled to show you these posts because it means so much to me, to make my readers a part of this blog - without you there wouldn't be any Styleofmary. In this obsession post we hear from the great woman Sarah. I think it has been a few years since Sarah made contact to me and to me it has always been a pleasure to be in touch with her. Thanks to another reader, I got this idea of making your posts, we are so lucky to hear Sarah's story!

Actually Sarah didn't knew anything about the Danish royal family and followed Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She saw the style of our Crown Princess Mary and fell in love with it (just like all of us did). Sine Sarah realized how amazing Mary's style was, she started categorize it each and every year. Make her fell welcome. Styleofmary present to you Sarah's blogpost!

So Sarah, what made you initially to follow Crown Princess Mary?

"In 2011 I started following Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and came across a blog called 'Kate and Mary' which features both ladies." Next Sarah tells that she only knew very very little about the Royal family from Denmark: "I didn't know anything about the Danish Royal Family (in fact I didn't even know there was one!) but I liked what I saw of Mary's style and started follow both of them." I have to say it made me smile when I read this line of her not knowing Denmark have a royal family, well we in fact have one of the oldest monarchy in the world with a hundreds of years history. To you who have interest in history, Denmark have a pretty exciting one even though we are a small country.

Sarah's favourite evening dress worn at the BAMBI Award

Could you tell more about your CP Mary addiction/obsession? How did it all start?

" I soon discovered that Mary had married Frederik in 2004 and that there were more than 7 years of her outfits to look at! I think we all know the felling when we find a new blog or if you are completely new in the royal-blog-world; there are so much to look at and in the beginning it seems overwhelming! She goes on: "It was very interesting to see how her style developed and I started to keep pictures of her outfits (I have them in a Word-document, one for each year) and information on the designers of the clothes, accessories etc." Let me tell, you that her job with this document are really well organized with multiple sides of information. It is not common to see such dedication.

This beautiful hairdo is absolute loved by Sarah!

Please tell us why this collection of pictures and information about Crown Princess Mary clothes and accessories have became such an addiction (inspiration?) to you?

"I really love Mary's style! She's not afraid to experiment with colours and pattern (I don't like clothes with a log of plain colours) and reuses many of her outfits in different and interesting ways. I think she almost always looks appropriate for the occasion she's dressing for and can look good in anything from jeans to a fabulous evening gown."

" She's always well-groomed and accessorizes so well - I love her jewellery and shoes as much as her clothes! There is always something to look forward to when she has en engagement.  

Here's a funny question: Does you loved ones think you're a little crazy with all this royal stuff?

Quickly and short she answers: "My loved ones don't really know the extant of my obsession but they would probably think I'm crazy if they did!"

Here you have Sarah's favourite party dress from when Frederik turned 40, 2008

Sarah, have you planned what you'll do next with your Mary-obsession? 

" I shall just continue with my obsession as it is. I would never be able to afford any of the clothes she wears - and probably wouldn't be able to get them where I live - but I do get inspiration for my own outfits from what Mary wears and think she's a fantastic example of how to dress as you get older without looking too young or too old!" A statement I share. Mary really know how to dress appropriate in every stage of life. From normal woman to Princess, then from Princess to Crown Princess and last from being a mother and at the same time being the Crown Princess of Denmark. 

I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I did! Don't worry this is not the last obsession-post, I will have some really great once left. 

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  1. Nice post! Great photos to go with it, too!

  2. Thanks Martha! It was a pleasure for me to write Sarah's story :)
    I'm so glad I am able to show pictures again, a post gets even better.