Brothers for Life and Dialogue Against Violence

Wednesday, May 26

Unofficial did Crown Princess Mary attend a meeting as the patron of the Mary Foundation with the South African association Brothers for Life and Danish association Dialogue Against Violence (Dialog mod Vold).

What is Brothers for Life?
Brothers for Life is a campaign that focuses on men's health, the role of men in relation to gender-based violence in communities and men taking up HIV testing, consistent condom use and reduction of sexual partners. Read more about the project here.

What is Dialogue Against Violence?
Dialogue Against Violence was founded back in 2001 after the Danish government in 2000 made an plan which should focus on combating violence against women. Dialogue Against Violence is a part of the Askov Foundation. Read more about the association here.

I have expressed my thought about Mary and her important influence before, still I never get tired of saying it again. Personal and through the Mary Foundation, Mary is capable of helping both violated women, men and children. By working with Brothers for Life she reach a different target group, the men. They do need help such as the women and children, not the same kind of help but with thing which relate to them as the focus areas of Brothers for Life. With her title as Crown Princess she has chosen to help those who need to. I'm impressed by her work the foundation and as Crown Princess. Think of all that she has achieved?

At the meeting she was dressed in a royal blue peplum, seen on her before and never identified - could it be a Hugo Boss model?, and black trousers. As I see, her necklace is new with no clue where it's from.

I wish her and the associations the best of luck with their work and hope that they'll be able to help both men, women and children.

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