Bridgewalking has arrived to Denmark

Sunday, May 10th

In 60 meters of hight, Crown Princess Mary attended the inauguration of the so called Bridgewalking on the old bridge Lillebælt between the two cities; Middelfart and Fredericia which was the same direction she walked to ingrate the new tourist attraction. Before going back to Copenhagen, she on her own drove a vintage car to Hotel Trinity to changed clothes before she went back to Copenhagen.

What is Bridgewalking?
In the city of Sydney it's possible to bridge walk and now the 'trend' has arrived to Denmark. On the ole Lillebælt's bridge between Middelfart and Fredericia. It has taken  four years to make the bridge ready for bridgewalking, to mention the trip is 60 meters above ground. Read more about the exciting walk here. 1

At the arrival to Middelfart she was in a really good mood, she took the time to say hallo to all the people who had come to see the princess inaugurate the new bridgewalk. Her smile makes me so happy and see all those people she makes smiles are even better!

Mary began the walk from Middelfart, crossed the old Lillebælt bridge after a speech done by the Mayer of the two cities - Steen Dahlstrøm and Jacob Bjerregaard, and ended up in Fredericia. She was welcomed by hundreds of people. Dressed in a white turtleneck, black pants and her checkered Massimo Dutti jacket she was perfectly dressed to a sunny and very windy day. To match the navy blue jacket she was wearing blue suede wedges, a reused pair. Think I have identified her wedges as Bandolino. Chris is sure that her wedges are from L.K. Bennett. As said it's a reused pair of shoes and at that time they were identified as L.K. Bennett. I have never been completely sure about that -  Take a look at let me know what you think. At the walk over the bridge, she changed to a dark suit with a safety belt to make sure she wasn't fallen anywhere, simple security and a pair of blue/green New Balance sneakers. On her way from Fredericia to Hotel Trinity she had the change to, on her own, drive a vintage car. What a sight! She was smiling all over her face and seem to have so much fun driven this old car all by herself.

Shoes: Bandolino Bandolino Transpose Wedges VS L.K. Bennett Maddox Wedges
Sneakers: New Balance 890 Sneakers in Blue & Green

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