The Mary Foundation is Working with Loneliness

This week Danish Radio (DR Danmarks Radio) focus on loneliness among the Danes. Over 200.000 people in Denmark lives in isolation and over the last few years is has become a bigger problem. As you The Mary Foundation works with this subject through the project Netwerk. DR had an interview  (in Danish) with Crown Princess Mary. See it here and here. The interview was made after she, Monday the 20th, visited Falkonergårdens Gymnasium. They have taken part in the Netwerk project - made in collaboration with Ventilen and the Mary Foundation.  Mary expressed how important it is to show attention to those around us and do something about the problem. And not at least talk about it. Social isolation is a problem that affect both children, young people and adults.

It's great to see Mary use her titel and position as Crown Princess to help others and make the world aware of issues we can't fight alone.

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