About a week ago, I received a mail from the Community Engagement Coordinator from Paul Fredrick. I was asked to participate in a one of their project's Sharp Dressed Man. Several bloggers will give their opinion on  what men should wear. I could not resist the challenge. Why should Style of Mary always be about women's style? The past few year's many of you have been asking questions on the clothes Crown Prince Frederik is wearing and this is really my opportunity to share some 'men's fashion advise' with you. Hope you will enjoy reading the post as much as I did writing it.

So who is Paul Frederick?
The clothes company Paul Frederick was founded 25 year's ago. First they specialized in dress shirts but their collection has since then grown exponentially as well as the number of satisfied long-term customers. They design, manufacture and directly distribute every single item from their collection. So no wholesalers, no store fronts just great style at everyday prices.

The most desired style of dress shirts and ties
When to find the right dress shirt, it is essential to find one matching your age. In my opinion younger men should wear a bit more plain shirts and ties or a rather small pattern, as the first two shown above. Large and very colourful dress shirts often gets messy and are hard to match with other pieces. A plain and simple colour and/or pattern makes you look polished and sharp! Different coloured dress shirt and tie are way better for a bit older and more mature men, as example number three. These eye catching combinations shows that you are not afraid to trey new thing, stand out and are ready to enjoy every single moment of life. Last thing I want to mention for all you men out there is the fact that dress shirts do really good with a pair of jeans. Gives your outfit a more casual look. So do not hesitate to wear your most beloved shirt with jeans as well.

What accessories worn best and when?
Accessories. First thing that comes to me is a question: why aren't men wearing hats anymore? I would love to see more men wear hats -women too! Hats are great and should be appreciated way more. The two of those I have chosen can give your outfit the last touch. Both do great with a casual outfit. A belt is always a great accessory and the brown colour is good for a winter and a summer outfit, just as the suspenders. I'm crazy about the green and white ones above. They are classy, a little old fashioned and super stylish at the same time. Scarves and gloves do really well. When to choose which accessories you want to wear, then decide if you want your clothes or accessories to stand out – not both. Last but not least, wear something that makes you feel good!

When is the best time to wear a suit?
One word: ANYTIME! I’m really old fashioned when it comes to men's clothes and I wish that more men would wear a suit more often. As with the hats. Yes, they may be uncomfortable but it looks good. In my opinion there are no right age to begin wearing suits or stop to stop it. I sense that especially younger men feel uncomfortable in a suit, maybe it is just before they are not use to it. The most important is to find a suit that fits you and of course one you actually would wear. As with the dress shirt and ties, I think it makes the best outfit if you decide which part should be printed and colourful and which should be a little more plain. This combination will give you a balance look. I have chosen three different suits to give you some inspiration. I have tried to find some that represent most ages. Aren’t they just looking good?

Ways to dress down but still stand out
I have already talked a little about how to be sharped dress and casual at the same time. In other words; how to dress down but still stand out. First we have dark trousers in grey, blue, brown, green etc. made of denim or maybe even wool. These two materials are really comfortable to wear and looks great with a blazer, a cardigan or sweater. A quite simple way to wear other items form your clothes without compromising on style. Colours will do good with your darker trousers. Printed accessories are also allow. Another thing to do, is to mix and match different textures -wool, cotton, leather etc. When looking at the three picture above, you may have noticed the mission tie which is yet another to keep in mind. No tie will loosen it all up.

My last advices
I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and have got some inspiration what to wear for you next sharp dressed man-look. Last, I only have a few other advices to remember when finding new clothes wether it's a whole new wardrobe you are looking for or just a new piece (these advices also applies for women). Remember that every item showed in my post can be found at Paul Frederick, here

        ✽  Keep it simple
        ✽  Always wear clothes in the right size
        ✽  Wear what makes you feel good
        ✽  Try to keep a distance between daytime and nighttime outfits  
        ✽  Most important: be confident in your own skin

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