It is with great excitement and pleasure I am doing this post in collaboration with Vegas.com! They offer all the best hotels, shows, tours and club etc. in LA. A dream place to be. What I was asked to do is, show a few different outfits that I would wear at different times a day visiting Cosmopolitan. I have never been to LA before and maybe I never will. But for a moment I will visit the one and only Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas with all it takes. 

lg_Cosmo-3---Lobby - ARRIVAL             image

For me it is always important to look good even when you arrive, so I have decided that my first outfit must be the moment I arrive to the Cosmopolitan. I have a very classic style that include white pearl earrings, striped blouses and trenchcoat. I love when every part of your outfit speaks for itself. The things I've chosen can also easily be combined in a different way, which makes it quickly to transform you outfit to a entire new look. A beige trendcoat can be used during summer and fall and the colour makes it pretty easy to matched with other piece. I can't live without mine just as with the red lipstick. I may be a little addicted to red lipstick and have it in so many different shades. Then we have a pair of black pointed pump and dark jeans; a woman's wardrobe is not complete without. A striped blouse and brown leather bag are the perfect way to make my arrival outfit look outstanding.

lg_Cosmo-24-marqueeday             image

I'm usually not the type who loves to splash around in a pool. What I enjoy must about the pool area, is the chairs. A place in the sun, lots of sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses and I am ready to enjoy myself. No matter time and occasion it is important for me to keep my outfit simple and classy. I find great inspiration in the 50s fashion also when it comes to swimwear. Although the bathing suit is black, I love the cute details at the chest. Because of this, they can easily be worn as a blouse with a pair of shorts. The hair bow is just for fun. Gives the outfit a little something to look at, as the golden vintage chain bracelet. Animal print is not usually something I very often but these sunglasses would do perfect for my 'swimming pool' look. Brown is a big part of my personal wardrobe and is a great basic colour, which is why I chosen a pair of brown leather sandals to complete these outfit. A red nail polish would also do great. 

Nastygirl * Chanel Vintage * Joie a la Place * Dolce & Gabbana * Marysia Swin * Essie

lg_Cosmo---7---Terrace             image

One of the things I really LOVE when I'm on vacation, is the chance to read a book(s). This is the best way for me to relax. With this view I could spend hours reading my book. One of my favourite international authors is Dan Brown. His books have everything that make a book good -humor, mysteries, codes, puzzles etc. Navy blue is one of my absolute favourite colours and jumpsuit is great for my alone time on the terrace. It is both chic and relaxing at the same time. Especially I like the detail with the white ribbon. Gold jewellery have over the years become a huge part of my collection and a necklace with your own initial or someone you care for, fits perfectly with this outfit, such as the ankle bracelet does. And with my animal printed sunglasses I'm more than ready to spend hours with my book and maybe a cold glass of white wine. 

Mango * Nashelle * Dolce & Gabbana * JCPenney * Dan Brown

lg_Cosmo-32-Scarpetta - DINNER             image

Finally. It is the end of a wonderful day at the Cosmopolitan. I arrived in wearing my dark jeans and striped blouse, then I enjoyed some time at the pool getting myself a little tanned followed by a time on my terrace with a book. Dinner time is here which means time to change for something a bit more polished. Black is always a good and especially when we are talking about lace which is why I have chosen this stunning black lace blouse. It is so beautiful! Though I love to wear black, it is still important not to look boring. The I thought; why not wear an olive green skirt and of course bright red lips? In this way, you’ll notice every different parts of the outfit. The earrings helps to emphasize the lace. For all my outfits, my hair would be curly. Loose and wavy curls. Now I hope you have a little inspiration for what to wear if you are ever going to try a #CosmopolitanChic outfit!

Burberry * Chicwish * Jose & Maria Barrera * Christian Louboutin * Charlotte Tilberry

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