Congratulations Mary!!!

Today this lovely woman celebrate her birthday, 42-years old! With her charisma and big heart she has amazed the Danes as well as the rest of the world. With her unconditional love to Frederik, she not only married a prince, she also married the rest of the monarchy. Mary seems to love the Danes just as much as they love her. Styleofmary wish her a wonderful and happy birthday! She deserves a great day with family and friends.


  1. Australia is so happy that Crown Princess Mary has won the hearts of the Danish People. I admire how hard she has worked to adapt to her new life and role. One so foreign to all that she had known or experienced. To fall in love with a man, a prince, a future king and it was indeed the most beautiful public wedding of our generation.

    1. Mary is truely a remarkable woman and she has been since the day she came to Denmark. You can really be proud of her, she does an amazing job like Denmark's future Queen, mother and as a normal person. She has never made a scandal and I doubt she will.