History: The Gold Coach

After all I decided to write a post about the history of the gold coach used once a year, or a special occasions, by the Queen and Prince when they drive from Amalienborg Castle to Christiansborg Palace to attend the last new year reception. The story of the gold coach, or King Christian VIII's coach, goes back to 1840 and was build by coach builder Henry Fife. Crown Prince Christian 8th became King of Denmark in 1839, the year before the coach was built, and was made for his use. The coach features four gold crowns on the roof, the Danish coat of arms on the doors and inside the carriage is covered with golden silk brocades. The almost magical name Gold Coach (Guldkaret) is because the coach is covered with 24k gold. Its simplicity and elegance makes this coach one of the best known. Because the coach is used at this time of year and there is no warm at all, it is extremely cold for the passengers which is why Queen Margrethe always wear one of her large fur coats and Prince Henrik keeps warm with a wool blanket. This tradition is one I hope we will see for many more years.

I thought you might like to know a little more about Christian VIII (8th) of Denmark. He is the son of Sophie Frederikke who is the wife of Christian VII (7th) brother, the hereditary Prince Frederik. He was born on September 18th in 1786 on Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. Some stories tell that his real father was Prince Frederik's adjutant but no one really knows for sure. When Christian VIII (8th) was 20 year old in 1806, he married Charlotte Frederikke who was Princess of was Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Only four years later in 1810 they got a divorce and he married Charlotte Amalie of Augustenborg in 1815. Under the name Christian Frederik, he became king of Norway for a few month, where he made a new Constitution. Because Frederik VI (6th) did not leave a son to inherit the throne, the hereditary prince's son Christian Frederik was the one to heir the throne. King of Denmark from 1839 to 1848 when he died and it was time for his son, Frederik VII (7th) to become King of Denmark. And now you know the story of the gold coach and about the first owner. Unfortunately I'm not able to show you any pictures of the different King's and Queen's so now I give you a link to each one of them:

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