History: Frederik VIII's Palace

The year is 1750 and the creation of Frederik VIII Palace or at that time Brockdroff's Palace began. It was built for Baron Joachim Brockdroff. Ten years later in 1760 the construction of the Palace was finished. Unfortunately the Baron only had the pleasure of the Palace for three years then he died in 1763 then it was acquired by Lord Chamberlain A. G. Moltke. 

In the year of 1765 King Frederik 5th bought the Palace of Lord Chamberlain Moltke. From 1767 is was used as the Army Cadet Academy. After the wishes of King Frederik's 6th. his daughter, Princess Vilhelmine, and Crown Prince Frederik 7. should live their after their wedding. Princess Vilhelmine and Crown Prince Frederik 7. were divorced in 1837 and till 1869 where King Frederik 8th. moved into the Palace different members of the royal family lived there. When Frederik 8th became King in 1906 the building was named after him - Frederik VIII.

In 1934 the palace was renovated by Crown Prince Frederik 9. and Queen Ingrid. Queen Ingrid. Queen Ingrid lived in Frederik VIII's Palace till her death in 2000. After a huge renovation, which was finished in 2009, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are now living with their four children in the palace from the year 2010. The renovation began in 2004. The couple decided to open the palace for the public and nearly 500,000 people visited the palace, I was one of them! An amazing experience. The entire palace were modernized. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary was there all along in the renovation process. Here you can write more about the renovation: www.slke.dk

Facts about the renovation of Frederik VIII's Palace

Renovation year ... from 2004, ended in 2009
Size ...4200 m2
Architect(s) ...Arkitema in collaboration with Erik Einar Holm Architects
Engineer ...Rambøll
Artists ...Kaspar Bonnen, Kathrine Aertebjerg, Erik A. Frandsen, Eske Kath, Morten Schelde, Tal R, Olafur Eliasson and Jesper Christensen
Artists chosen by ...Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princes Mary
Chandeliers ...36
Price ...DKK 163 million
Moving in ... 2010

The Green Hall the flowers (blomster) is painted in 1828 by I.L. Jensen, there are called “Blomster-Jensen”

Stairs between the office and the private rooms Olafur Eliasson is the man behind these lamps

Private dinning room the wall is painted by Kaspar Bonnen

The arrange room here the wall is painted by Kathrine Aertebjerg

The banquet hal all the mirrors are made by Erik A. Frandsen

Crown Princess Mary’s office the “painting” in the wall is made by Erik A. Frandsen

Crown Princess Mary’s meeting room the ceiling is painted by Eske Kath

Crown Prince Frederik’s office it is Tal R which has painted the wall

The recipient chamber the wall is painted by Morten Schelde

The lobby is painted by Jesper Christiansen

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