Congratulations Mary!!!!

Our future queen, Crown Princess Mary celebrate her birthday today, she turns 41. According to several magazines she'll celebrate her day with the family. On behalf of Styleofmary I would like to thank Mary to be such a fantastic person and wish her a great day!


  1. I have to say I really love your blog about Mary's style. Great work! But I am somewhat confused because I can no longer find the "sunglasses" category. Did you remove it ??
    And then I have a question about Mary's Marianne Dulong earrings. You know the blue emerald-cut earrings which she also has with amethysts. Were they especially made for her ? I can not find such earrings on the Marianne Dulong homepage.

  2. Hi Carina
    I am really glad to hear that you like me site :) I means so much to me! About the "sunglass" category, I decieded to remove it, because it is very hard to find her sunglasses and the category was not very popular. Do you want it back?
    I hope I think of the same earrings as you mention. AS far as I know the earrings are not specially made to Mary. Neither can I, I got the model-picture of them from a pair of girls who helped me some years ago, but since I have not found them again. Therefore I don't think you can buy them no longer. I hope you will find a pair which looks like Marys ;)

    - HDS.