History: The Mary Foundation

The Mary Foundation

When Crown Princess Frederik and Mary Donaldson were married in 2004 gathered Denmark and Greenland 1.1 million. crowns together, as people gift to the couple.

Three years later, in 2007, was the Mary Foundation – H.R.H Crown Princess Marys foundation founded. Only one year later, 2008, was their first project launched.

The foundation has 8 co.-founders along with the people gift enables the foundation to survive. Today, the foundation has a base capital of 130 million.

The Mary Foundation have 3 focus areas;
Violence in the home
Bullying and well-being

The foundation also have different projects:
Fri for mobberi - anti-bullying program to the kindergarten, and the smaller school classes

LæseLeg - strengthen children's language

Råd til livet - offer abused women economic, legal and social counseling support

Netwerk - reduce and prevent loneliness among young

Backpacks - a backpack with practical necessities and toys for all children at crisis shelters

I imagen that it has been a really special day for Mary when she established the Mary Foundation. Danish Royal Watchers read this article with pictures.

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