The Ruby Parure is Now Photographed!

You remember when I made the post about 'The Ruby Parure' which Mary now owns, inherited from Queen Ingrid. When the broadcast 'The Royal Jewels' (De Kongelige Juveler) was made by DR, they got special permission to photograph the jewelry that normally are locked inside a box.

Anna Von Lowzow took part in the process of making the broadcast. She's Danish organize and director of Nordic films (Nordisk Film) and has helped to make several different historical documentaries of the Danish Royal family. HERE you can read a bit more about the project with the Royal jewels.

The changes have been done by the goldsmith Marianne Dulong, a designer you have heard a million times here on the blog because Mary is a fan of had jewelry and have several pieces. A 3 minutes video have been made and shows some really great pictures of her work that has been done. To you who love Mary and her Marianne Dulong jewelry, take the time and see it; HERE. It is the goldsmith Klaus Kromann and Per Dirksen who have made the transformation and they did a great job with the parure!


  1. The Ruby parure is fantastic, but it is also absolutely stunning on Mary ;)

  2. Nice blog post!
    There is a very big difference in the tiara before the alteration (photo number 3 in red dress before the wedding) and after (picture number 2 and 3). It looks much better now.
    The few pieces that were taken off the side of the tiara were made into hair pins I think. Is that correct?

  3. Thanks!
    I think that it is great that Mary has changed it, so it fits her type and style.
    As far as I know that's right what you say. The hair pins are comming from the tiara :)