History: The Blue Sapphire Brooch

This time we open Mary's jewellery box once again and find the Blue Connaught Sapphire Brooch. 

The story of the brooch goes back to when the Prussian Princess Louise Margaret in 1879 married the Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught. One of the gift she received was the blue sapphire brooch. Princess Louise Margaret gave it to her daughter, Princess Margaret of Connaught and she brought it with her to Sweden when she married Prince Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden.

Princess Louise Margaret of Connaught

Princess Margaret give birth to her only daughter Princess Ingrid of Sweden, future Queen of Denmark. When Ingrid is 10,  years old (in 1920) her mother dies only 38 years old and she inherits the brooch after her. 

            # Princess Margaret's nickname was Daisy, like Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

At some point Queen Ingrid gave the brooch to her daughter Queen Margrethe II before her death which might be because she would like to see the next generation wear it. Unlike her mother she did not wear the brooch very often. One time was back in 1999 at the christening of Prince Joachim and Alexandra's oldest son, Prince Nikolai.  

Wedding of Princess Margaret of Connaught and Prince Gustaf VI

In 2006, on January 21, Crown Princess Mary wore it first time at her firstborn son, Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John's christening. Crown Princess Mary is the wife of Crown Princess Frederik of Denmark, the oldest son of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik. Since then, she has worn the Connaught brooch multiple times at christenings, gala dinners, at new years eve etc. Queen Margarethe handed it over to Mary as a present. A long history in a small piece of jewellery.

In the middle of the brooch is a large blue sapphire. Around the blue sapphire are diamonds and two pendants of white pearl are hanging underneath the blue stone. Right under, a small pendant made of diamonds and a pearl is hanging. A beautiful piece of work.

Princess Ingrid of Sweden in 1929


  1. The brooch was a gift from the Queen to Crown Princess Mary when she gave birth to Prince Christian.
    Crown Princess Mary also talked about the brooch in the documentary on the royal jewels showed on DR a few years ago (the picture of her in the white dress wearing the brooch is from that interview). Here she - among other things - said that where the Queen only wore this brooch at big family events (e.g. at the christening of Prince Nikolai) she likes to wear it a bit more - also at more low-key appearances (like the interview and official engagements)

  2. Thanks for telling me. I was also pretty sure, that she got it from the Queen. I read a several different explanations about who she had received it from. Then I wrote both opinions-
    And it is true that she is talking about the brooch in the TV program, unfortunately I could not remember that she had said she would use it for anything other than just family events.