History: The Midnight Tiara

October, 22

Crown Princess Mary's Midnight Tiara is not an old and inherited piece of jewellery, that mean it do not have a long history. Since we was her wear it the first time, she hasn't worn it that often. I hope we'll get the change to see her wear this masterpiece it much more.

The Midnight Tiara is made by one of the greatest Danish jewellery designers Charlotte Lynggaard from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Original it was made to an exhibition on Amalienborg where Mary saw it and she extraordinarily got to wear it at the celebrantions of Prince Henrik’s 75th birthday and afterwards she bought it.

A little history about Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen:  
Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen was established in 1963 by the jewellery designer Ole Lynggaard. Today, since 2006, the company is owned by his daugther Charlotte Lynggaard, her son Søren Lynggaard and her husband Michel Normann. Ole Lynggaard is still drawing beautiful designs to the collections.

To the Midnight Tiara is also several other pieces like a brooch and Mary have had a pair of matching custom-made earrings. The thin branches are made of 18K rose and white gold, as well as black oxidised silver. On the 31 small flowers are a set with over 1,340 sparkling diamonds such as special cut moonstones in different sizes. This gives the effect of a starry night - therefor the Midnight Tiara. To you who want to see how the tiara is made take a look at the link here.


  1. This is probably my most favorite "modern" tiara. I think it looks really good on Mary.

  2. The Midnight Tiara look very "royal" to be so new as it is :) And I give you right, it look really good on hair, because of her dark hair.