Happy New Year!

January, 1

Happy New year everybody! I hope you get a great start of a new year with friends and family. I look forward to another year with your guys, hope you're ready. As a tradition the Royal family celebrated the new year with style, as always!

* B.dk 1

Photos: Agnès Colbert
Wear something you know works; Mary did at the New Year Banquet in her custom-made burgundy Birgit Hallstein gown in velvet. A really stunning work!! What I like about this dress is the sleeves, it's not often you see a gown like this with long sleeves. It give the sense of elegance. And of course did the Ruby parure match more then perfect to the dress and with the elephant order around the neck a future queen was born! Note that the earrings have a black Sea pearl added this evening. In my opinion Søren Hedegaard, her hairdresser, did an extraordinary job.

In her hand she wore a matching burgundy satin Prada clutch and from the same designer black satin shoes. Next to Frederik they represented the best of the Danish Royal family.

Dress: Birgit Hallstein
Jewelry: Ruby parure
Shoes: Prada Satin Pumps
Clutch: Prada Raso Clutch

I know I'm not the only one who loves to see Mary wear a dress again and that is exactly what she did at the second New Year banquet. It's told the dress is from Prada, I have no clue if it's right.  And once again she choose a gown with long sleeves! Look at the amazing detail around her neck. So well-designed.  With the blue ribbon from the Elephant Order, they two things marched perfectly. She added black satin accessories to the look, both from Prada. The white pearl earrings and ring are both custom-made by Marianne Dulong.

Dress: Prada?
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus 
Ring: Marianne Dulog
Shoes: Prada Black Satin Pumps

At the third day we saw her wear a recycled light grey gown with a matching short jacket from the Danish designer Julie Fagerholt. The little clutch in her hand is from Naledi Copenhagen. She wore the same black satin pumps from Prada as yesterday and in her ears a pair of earrings with diamonds. 

Gown: Julie Fagerholt
Jacket: Jule Fagerholt 
Cutch: Naledi Copenhagen Ostrich Grey Clutch
Shoes: Prada Black Satin Pumps

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