Day 3 + 4: Visit to Greenland

On the third day at her visit to Greenland, Crown Princess Mary attended the Children's Relay as we know from Denmark. She gave medals to the participating children.


Day 3: Children's Relay

This day really showed all of us that she's a very popular princess! All the kids struggled to get her attention and hugged her all the time. To keep her warm she wore a red short jacket from the amazing designer Isabel Marant. She also wore a black A-line skirt which I think is from Hugo Boss. On her feet Mary was wearing black warm boots. The best was to see her sincere smile.

Jacket: Isabel Marant Red Flecked Jacket 
Skirt: Hugo Boss

Day 4: Reception + Return Dinner

The four and last day was a bit more unofficial. Only very few pictures were published. In addition to her visit a reception was held and she attended it wearing a hot pink blouse and lace skirt. On her wrist a black leather bracelet. In the afternoon Mary caught two cod during a fishing trip in the Ice Fjord, there were served at the dinner the same day. At the return dinner she wore a navy blue Jayson Brunsdon dress, a brooch from Elise Gug, and beige shoes such as clutch from Naledi Copenhagen (FW 2011/2012).

Dress: Jayson Brunsdon Geometric Dress in Navy Blue 
Brooch: Elise Gug
Clutch: Naledi Copenhagen NB11 Beige Ostrich Clutch 
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert Round-Toe Pumps $175 (pre-owned)

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