On summer tour in Denmark with Dannebrog

August, 22

It has been a tradition for Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik to take the royal yacht Dannebrog and visit several Danish cities. Now it's time for Frederik and Mary to take their children with on this yearly trip and for the first time Prince Vincent and Princess Isabella will attend.

The royal yacht dock in these Danish cites Hanstholm, Skagen and Hirtshals.

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On the first day the four of them showed up on the ship to see all the welcoming people in Hanstholm. I love the outfit Mary showed us today with the elegant white coat gave her a classic look. Her daughters little swather matched her mother in the same colors - so cute! In the same sweater Vincent looks at least as cute. My heart melted.

Her stunning hat very likely being made of Danish milliner Susanne Juul. In the same light pink color she wore Marianne Dulong earrings and on her wrist a snake bracelet which I have read is from Ole Lynggaard. The nude patent shoes is Jimmy Choo. When she visited a kindergarten she changed to pink ballet flats from Prada which features a bow.

Hat: Susanne Juul
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Squated Rosenquartz Earrings
Bracelet: Ole Lynggaard
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert Round-Toe Pumps $175 (pre-owned)
Ballet Flats: Prada Pink Lace Ballet Flats with Bow

One old favorite! We got to see her in a Prada dress with cap sleeves in the most amazing purple color. A great outfit! Next to her husband she looked even more beautiful. The light pink Susanne Juul hat with the big flower, was only one of three pink accessories. Her patent Prada shoes was in the same pink color as the hat such as the Marianne Dulong earrings. The hair was in a simple ponytail. To keep her upper part of the body a little warn she wore the floral Paul Smith scarf.

Hat: Susanne Juul
Scarf: Paul Smith
Earrings: Marianne Dulong
Bracelet: Georg Jensen Regitze DKK 12,500.00
Shoes: Prada 

With purple and a floral dress Mary created this last days look! Milliner Susanne Juul's hat was on her head and matched the Amethyst Cenius & Bach earrings with diamonds. The dress was hidden under a 'coat' with a large belt in the waist and 3/4 sleeves. Her nude patent shoes comes from Jimmy Choo.

Hat: Susanne Juul
Earrings: Cenius & Bach Amethyst Pendant Earrings
Shoes: Jimmy Choo Gilbert Round-Toe Pumps $175 (pre-owned)

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